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  1. e46 rattle / knock noise at 2000+ rpms

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, so I bought a wrecked 330ci m54 and I'm rebuilding it. I put it all together and after some time of driving it, I noticed a rattling noise after 2k rpms. It does it both in neutral and drive. It definitely isnt the lifters. It's coming from the rear of the engine itself (towards the...
  2. M54 to M52Tu swap Urgent

    E46 Engine Swaps
    Ight so im going to jump straight into it. Ive just purchased my new pride and joy, a very clean 325ci with only 140,000KM on the clock. Car cost me just under $2k but has a blown head gasket. I'm on a strict budget for this car. The old lady i bought it off only babied it and never went hard...
  3. E46 328 M52TU Valve Cover, $80

    Engine & Performance
    Selling a valve cover from an M52tub28, bit dirty but in decent shape. No visible cracks. Believe it was off an e39 but should fit an e46 afaik. Pics of part number to be sure. Was keeping as a spare, liquidating to finish a swap :) Asking $80, will ship at buyer's expense or pickup near...
  4. SAP location with M52 swap?

    General BMW E36 Forum
    Hello! I have an E46 with an engine swap and just picked up an E36. I now have a 1996 ti with a 328 engine from a '96 vert. My brother owns a shop and did the work. Neither of us can figure out where to install the secondary air pump since there's not much space after the swap. We did a...
  5. Do i have rod knock?!!

    General E46 Forum
    About three weeks ago my car started making a whistling sound. It sounded like a jet engine. At first it was RPM dependent. Only did it when around 1800-3000 rpms. Over the course of the next week it became almost constant. I heard it at start up. Just about all the time when I drove. Yesterday...
  6. Which Wheels to Choose?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey all, I am looking into getting some TE37s for my 328i, and I I've narrowed my choices down to two different styles. Right now I have factory 17 inch wheels on my car of which I have no idea the specs on. The new wheels I'm looking at are 18 inches by 8.5. However, one set has an offset of...
  7. BMW 328 mystery!

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys! I've had my 2000 E46 328ci for just over 2 years now with around 115,000 miles on it. For the majority of my ownership, it's had the roughest idle, along with a big loss in bottom end torque. Along with that comes the crap MPG and intermittent P0170/P0173 code, which only happens on...
  8. Any E46 new turbo motor options (M52 or M54)

    Engine & Performance
    Hello- so I currently have an M54 turbo, its started smoking and eating oil. I am still needing to diagnosis it fully but the goal had always been to build a motor for this car eventually. so I was hoping for some definitive help. my requirements are Dual Vanos (emissions + visual, incase I...
  9. Theoretical turbo e46

    General E46 Forum
    Hey all. I have a dd 330i that I'm very pleased with and I'd like to look at getting a second e46 as a project. Here's my idea. I want to turbo a bmw very badly. Maybe an e30. Maybe an e46. I've researched to death about boosting the m20, lots of people do that. Lots of people also...
  10. cold idle dips/stalls, minor shifting hiccups...vanos?

    General E46 Forum
    Experiencing cold idle dips/stalls and minor shifting hiccups that have been present pretty much every since I bought my car a year or so ago. Quite a bit of work has been put into the car ever since I took it over. It is pretty darn clean and has 114k miles now. Brief overview of repairs done...
  11. Any parts swap over to my E46 M52TUB25?

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2000 BMW 323i with the M52TUB25 engine that puts out a tired 170 hp and 181 ft/lbs tq and the autotragic ZC transmission. I was wondering what OE engine upgrades I can switch from different bimmer engines M52-M54 Or even the S engines. Also any different year manual transmission work in...
  12. Weird engine on 2004 325i

    General E46 Forum
    After I got my front tires replaced today, I came back home and saw my neighbor working on his 2004 BMW 325i. I went to ask if he needs help. To my surprise, I saw a really weird engine in the engine bay. He has 2004 e46 325i with N46 engine on it or something similar but everything else in the...
  13. FS Various pricing$ OEM E46 & (one E30) BMW maintenance parts Socal

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Hello I have these parts available These were meant for my 2002 330i (5-speed) with an M54. $15 Front sway bar link(Only one not the pair) 31356780847 (Sold) rear brake pad kit with sensor 34212157575 $50 Thermostat with gasket 11537509227 (Sold) Fuel filter 13327512019 $20 passenger side mirror...
  14. E36 1996 328 I Sedan PARTING OUT Sale Paypal & Shipping Provided.

    Parting Out
    :bump:Parting Out 1996 BMW 328 I Parting Out Black 1996 BMW 328 I Sedan. The car was a Engine Swap Job never completed so I'm deciding to part out. It has black interior in nice condition but Seats and other Interior Parts are already SOLD. The 2.8L M52 Engine and 5-Speed ZF Transmission is...
  15. ACS3 E46 375hp N/A M52tu?

    General E46 Forum
    I read an article today in "Total BMW" magazine about an AC schnitzer E46 that they called the AS3 (only offered in europe of course), which has a 375hp NA M52TU 3.2 litre. Im really more interested in the engine. All it said in the article was bespoke, performance pistons, and forged conrods...
  16. Looking for M50/M52 for e30 Swap

    What I need: -clean motor (one of us is going to test compression before the purchase) -all accessories working - that means alternator, PS pump, alternator -includes engine harness -includes intake mani, throttle body, intake stuff -prefer to have e34 oil pan already(ie pulled from a 525)...
  17. Motor Swap 323ci m52 to m54(330ci) 01

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys well to make a long story short got cut off on the highway did a money shift and bent a valve in cylinder 2(0psi during compression test) So i can get a m54 for a good price with all wiring how hard is the swap and i need to know fast any advice would be VERY appreciated thanks. -Ray