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  3. F/S M3 Tires and Wheels (Also Listed Ebay NR)

    Wheels and Tires
    Selling a set of four staggered wheels/rims. Specifics/ pics below. These have OEM BMW part numbers on them. Tread wear is uneven on the tires, but the integrity of the side walls and the surface area of the tires are sound. Tread depth on the rears are low. Tread depth on the fronts are good...
  4. FS - M3 Wheel, Sedan Wood Trim, 4 Spoke Wheel

    - M3 Steering Wheel - Condition: Leather is in good condition, small scrap with a slight tear in stitching (Pictured). Upper trim and buttons are all in good shape. Lower trim is scuffed up at the bottom (Pictured). Airbag not included. Reason for sale: Upgraded to a perforated leather M3...
  5. For Sale 19" OEM BMW M3 wheels

    Wheels and Tires
    Staggered set of 19" OEM BMW M3 wheels for sale. Front- 19x8.0 offset ET47 Rear- 19x9.5 offset ET27 With used continental SportContact tires Front- 225/40/19 about 50% worn Rear- 255/35/19 about 80% worn Please message me for pictures. Asking $750 plus shipping.
  6. FS: OEM M3 Tri-color stitch leather steering wheel

    OEM M3 wheel with M-color tri-stitch and black leather. Black multifunction trim included. Round airbag NOT included. Good condition, a few scratches from installing the airbag, but these are not visible when the airbag is in place. Leather and stitching are in good condition as well...
  7. FS:M3 Tri-Stitch Wheel w/Alcantara

    I have my M Steering wheel for sale. It was recovered in alcantara and has the tri stitch pattern. It also has all the controls for radio and cruise control. I need a steering wheel back though since I only have one steering wheel. I am looking for $400 + Stock Steering Wheel O.B.O. I'll...
  8. m3 wheel

    m3 wheel

    Tich's M3 Wheel