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  3. Any E46 FS: Round Airbag *Socal*

    OEM round airbag. Great for those upgrading to sport or M3 steering wheels. Asking $325 shipped.
  4. Any E46 FS ///M 3 spoke steering wheel with airbag

    in great shape and fully functional. the lower trim is professionally wrapped with 3m 1080p carbon fiber vinyl, as pictured price for steering wheel and airbag is $450 plus shipping.
  5. E46 M3 m3 interior and smg steering wheel for sale in cali

    Parting Out
    Thnxs :thumbup:
  6. FS: OEM M3 Tri-color stitch leather steering wheel

    OEM M3 wheel with M-color tri-stitch and black leather. Black multifunction trim included. Round airbag NOT included. Good condition, a few scratches from installing the airbag, but these are not visible when the airbag is in place. Leather and stitching are in good condition as well...
  7. FS: (2) ///M3 Tri-Stitch Steering Wheels + (1) TRIM Set + (1) AIRBAG

    First ///M Tri-Stitch Steering Wheel - Fantastic condition SOLD - The airbag release / access holes on the back are kinda torn - There's a scratch on the back by one of the access holes - This thing is almost mint - and none of the leather is worn at all. Edit, adding additional items and info...
  8. FS: M3 ZHP M-tech Steering Wheel Tri-stitch, cheap

    Hi all, M3 tri stitch leather steering wheel with titanium trim........dont be fooled by the titanium trim condition, i swapped the original black one with the titanium, this wheel is good (not great not mint) condition. Asking $280 shipped and paypal is already included! Only thing is there...
  9. Fs M3 M Steering Wheel Trim Black Great

    Up for sale is a m3 lower trim for the M steering wheel. looking for 65 shipped firm. thats the price. I only see 3 small nicks on the right side here are some pics.
  10. M3 steering wheel

    M3 steering wheel

  11. M3 steering wheel

    M3 steering wheel

  12. New Mod Tri-Color Stitch M3 Wheel

    The Showroom
    My latest mod is the Tri-stitch M3 steering wheel that I've been wanting for the longest time! Finally got one! One of my favorite mods yet... Like driving a new car again... :excited: Also, I am selling the original wheel and wood trim separately. Will be listing both in the classifieds...
  13. FS: M3 steering wheel with ///M stitching

    This wheel is coming out of my 2002 e46 m3 with 40K miles. It's in perfect condition, no rips, scratches, tears. the creases you see will go away it was just leaning against something for a bit. Requires an airbag and button control swap from your existing wheel. Im asking $200 + shipping...
  14. M3 Steering Wheel

    M3 Steering Wheel

    One of my favorite mods! I love the feel of this thing!