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m3 muffler

  1. Lots of M3 Parts (OEM 19s, Suspension, Exhaust, etc.)

    Suspension and Braking
    *You won't find OEM parts in better shape than this!* Will ship at buyer's expense. First up, I have the full oem suspension from my '03 M with only 26k miles on it. It's in perfect shape and you won't find a more pristine set of oem struts/springs/dust covers/etc. Asking $350 OBO I also...
  2. Top Speed Race Muffler: My experience

    ///M3 Forum
    Hey guys, If you are considering buying a Top Speed Race muffler, please read my long-winded experience/review. I bought a Top Speed muffler a few months ago through Ebay. It had very few reviews, but it was so cheap that I figured it was worth a shot. I paid a couple hundred bucks for it and...
  3. FS: BMW E46 M3 Custom Muffler Great Sound!!

    Engine & Performance
    I have a custom BMW E46 M3 Muffler for sale, It has roughly 23,000 miles on exhaust. The muffler tips have been coated black with engine paint. If you do not wish to have drowning in the cabin this muffler is the way to go. Very crisp clear sound, great muffler for the price. I have a set price...
  4. FS: Rogue Engineering El Diablo Muffler for E46 M3

    Engine & Performance
    I have a RE El Diablo with about 25k miles. Been off of the car a few months because I went back to the oem muffler after I put on catless header. The El Diablo sounded amazing with JVT headers and CP Rasp Terminators...but alas, enough nagging from the woman and I had to quiet the car down a...