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m3 mirrors

  1. E46 Sedan FS: OEM M3 mirrors *Socal*

    I have a pair of Jet Black OEM M3 mirrors that have been modified to fit a sedan. The driver's side glass does have a little browning on the edges (as shown in picture). There is also a small scuff on that same side (as shown). There are some small chips (the big white spots you see are...
  2. Mw mirror swap - How to determine correct mirrors?

    General E46 Forum
    Trying to swap E46 M3 mirrors onto an E46 coupe. I know there are lots of DIY on these. What I am having trouble with is determining whether or not the salvages M3 mirrors I bought are memory, power folding or memory manual folding? I've taken the mirror apart and can't locate a part number...
  3. M3 mirrors on non-M3 E46 coupe

    General E46 Forum
    I've heard of people putting M3 mirrors on non-M3 E46 cars. Is this a direct fit from an E46 M3 to an E46 coupe? I imagine the sedan would need some work but am thinking the coupes would be the same. Anyone who has done this?
  4. Any E46 FS: OEM M3 Mirrors *Socal*

    Up for sale are a pair of OEM M3 mirrors. They are painted steel blue. The paint is in great condition (it's dirty in the pictures though). The driver's side glass has some browning. The passenger side looks ok. Toolbox is not included lol Asking 400 shipped. Here's some pictures: driver's...
  5. Any E46 Mtech 2 Rear Bumper, LED Tailights, M3 Mirrors, AA Exhaust CHICAGO

    Parting Out
    Parting out with the following prefer local pickup in Chicago- More info on Craigslist: 1. E46 M3 Side Mirrors SOLD 2. trunk SOLD 3. LED tailights - SOLD 4. Mtech 2 OEM Rear Bumper with Diffuser good paint Topaz Blue- -$500 5. exhaust...
  6. White Mirrors & White Varrstoens? Yes or No?

    The Showroom
    What do u guys think? I had always thought about doing it, and after seeing a few cars at Bimmerfest with it I thought I'd give it a try...I'm not sure if I'm liking it, maybe if they were M3 mirrors? Its only plastidip so I can peel it off.
  7. OEM m3 mirrors on sedan (pix)

    The Showroom
    Well I finally got around to installing my mirrors. spending the extra $$$ for oem insted of getting the reps is SUPER worth it IMO they were jet black when I first got them. sanded off original paint. Had a well known auto body shop do the new paint. test fit stock mirror on left...
  8. Looking for M3 mirrors that fit Facelift Coupe!!!

    I have been looking everywhere for either oem, or closest thing to oem. I know euro-spec and a few other companies have replicas. But I've read the worst possible reviews on them being low quality and breaking. Anyone have advice to where I can buy some, or does anybody have a pair they would...
  9. FS Misc Parts

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Make sure you send your zip and email so I can estimate shipping and send you a paypal invoice. HK Amp - $50 OBO Nothing wrong with it, redoing my system so I replaced it Antenna Amp - FREE 65256907124 315mhz OEM E46 M3 Fogs + 4 white bulbs - FREE work, pitted, need to either sell as is...
  10. FS CF M3 Mirrors for Sedan or Coupe

    FS: CF Mirrors for Sedan Brand New, Never Been installed.. These are 6 Pin and I need 12 pin :banghead:- so back up for sale.. FINAL PRICE DROP $250 plus shipping (Orig Cost $424 plus $40 shipping) Blue tinted glass, Euro split mirror.. NO AUTO Fold!! (manual folding is possible)...
  11. FS:OEM m3 mirrors retrofit RIBBON motors..soCal

    For Sale: -Unpainted OEM m3 mirrors(non-autofold), with retrofitted OEM ribbon motors, with OEM Blue-tinted heated glass.. For e46 coupe Price: $250 Local: Southern Cali. Orange County, Anaheim Hills/Yorba Linda area... It's really hard for me to let these go, but lately the mod-bug has...
  12. oem bmw m3 power tilt mirrors

    yes its finally selling my power tilt m3 mirrors. i was one of the first guys to get these to work correctly. you will get 2 mirrors, alpine white with gloss black bases. it looks bad azz on a white coupe or convertible with gloss black trim. 2 mirror glasses already installed 2 new...
  13. Complete M3 OEM Mirror Retrofit DIY for e46 Sedan

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I felt there was still room in the M3 Sedan mirror retrofit DIYs for a more complete DIY. I had purchase the M3 Mirrors several months ago, but didn't make the time to install them earlier. Since my car is 2002 model, no problem about the ribbon wires used in the latter models. And since I...
  14. FS: 2002 330Ci Parts

    Parting Out
    I sold my car before I left for Iraq and did not have time to sell these. Everything has been cleaned and is ready to ship. Hopefully these parts can find a good home as I loved them when they were on my car! I accept Paypal and will ship to your verified Paypal address. If picking up, I...
  15. E46 Sedan Sports Mirrors

    I never put these on my e46 but I bought it used a show car, I believe they are ACS Sports Mirrors with built in split blind spot mirrors. They are in amazing condition since it was a show car as previously stated. Best price takes it. Please NO LOW Balling. Serious fanatics only! Email me...
  16. **Ultimate Comparison Oem vs Replica**

    The Showroom
    The debate has to end here!!! I need pictures of oem and replica m3 side mirrors side by side, from a HEAD ON view. The replicas always try to show you the mirrors at an angle, I need a full on, head on view to make sure I know what I'm getting into if I go the cheaper way and get the...
  17. M3 Mirrors

    M3 Mirrors

    The M3 Mirrors totally change the look of the car. Much more aggressive IMO.