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m3 engine
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  1. Parting Out
    This is a bit of a for sale thread so it will be posted in the relevant section. It is an offer for anyone with engine building skills to either upgrade, recondition or make some profit. I have for sale two S54 engines. Both motors are stripped and it was my intention to build a good motor from...
  2. General E46 Forum
    Engine's not in great shape currently and thinking of shelling out some more to see if I can put a engine/ some other parts in my 2002 325i. Is it possible to do and how much should I look to spend on the engine, and what parts should I definitely get to make the end result better?
  3. NY / NJ / CT
    For sale: - S54 engine out of 2003 M3 Vert 6-Speed manual with bit under 90k on it. Good service history. New VANOS solenoid (over $700). Engine harness included - SOLD - MSS54 DME (ECU)/EWS/KEY - $400 - M3 Cluster for another $170. - Diff carrier - $100 Feel free to contact me with any...
  4. Engine & Performance
    For sale: Engine and diff are SOLD - MSS54 DME (ECU)/EWS/KEY - $400 - M3 Cluster for another $170. - Diff carrier $100 mint condition Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Prices are slightly negotiable. Thanks for looking Email: [email protected] Phone...
  5. Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I got my self a practically brand-new 02 325Ci 43500 on the clock and I really want to swap up to a motor with more power, I've heard of doing and M54B30 swap but I was wondering if it could be done with an S52? I figure it uses a five speed like the M54 which is a good start, so what would have...
  6. Engine & Performance
    No Longer Available!
  7. The Heart Of An M3

1-7 of 7 Results