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  1. Interior
    hi all, im looking to upgrade my all black convertible interior with a new set in any colour (besides the beige and grey) -imola red -champagne nappa -m3 kiwi -cinnamon etc if anyone has any thing hit me up :) cheers
  2. Australia
    hi all, im looking to upgrade my all black convertible interior with a new set in any colour (besides the beige and grey) -imola red -champagne nappa -m3 kiwi etc if anyone has any thing hit me up :) cheers
  3. Carbon black M3

    Carbon black M3

  4. ///M3 Forum
    I am thinking of purcahsing an E46 M3. Here is a picture of the under carriage of a 2003 E46 convertible taken from the rear of the car. I'm not sure if that's oil on the bottom of the differential cover (?) - do you see anything wrong? Apologies but just have this one picture to share.
  5. ///M3 Forum
    I'm looking to purchase a M3 and have found a used one with 120k miles. However, the dealer says that the following maint items have been done. --- VANOS REBUILT w/BEISAN KIT --- ROD BEARINGS REPLACED --- VALVE ADJUSTMENT --- MOTOR MOUNTS REPLACED --- CLUTCH REPLACED --- FLYWHEEL REPLACED ---...
  6. General E46 Forum
    2003 m3 convertible is having a instrument cluster problem. Car sat for about 3 months turned it on and cluster was completely dead besides airbag,convertible light, and abs. Car starts no problem and drives fine. With all fuses in place radio powers on and off repeatedly and so does middle...
  7. Pacific Northwest
    The weather is so nice in Seattle today and it looks like it's going to carry through to the weekend. Anyone down to meet up at XXX Drive-In in Issaquah for a little meetup and cruise up to The Summit on Saturday? Get a little wolfpack going?
  8. ///M3 Forum
    Hello, Not sure if there is another place this should be posted, if there is please let me know. Our 2001 M3 vert came with what looks like a Top Speed Pro 1 exhaust. I research it and found it on the website BMW E46 M3 Coupe Convertible 01-06 Rear Section RACE Version Exhaust System. This...
  9. Engine & Performance
    I installed a K&N Filter system and have the complete original Air Filter box and associated parts for sale. Make Offer. Shipping from Maryland. Let me know if interested.
  10. For Sale, For Trade or Wanting to Buy
    Happy new year everyone!! I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have or know anyone that has a vorsteiner gtr hood for E46 M3 for sale?? Also able to ship to Australia? Thanks
  11. ///M3 Forum
    Hi Beamer Fanatics! So, I'm totally new to this forum and new to BMWs. I'm looking to purchase an BMW in the near future - but I have no idea of one model over another. This forum focuses on M3s, right, and M4s and M5s are also fine models. I have no idea how I'd go about choosing between these...
  12. For Sale, For Trade or Wanting to Buy
    I’m looking for a Wind Deflector for my 2002 M3 Convertible. Local pick up only please. I’m in LA County in Southern California. Please PM me if you have one. Thank you!
  13. UK
    Hi Id really appreciate any help here. Im wanting to rebuild the Vanos system on my e46 m3. Im looking for more than just the Vanos seals ie gaskets, crush washers, cam sprocket bolts, micro cartridge, diaphram springs, chain tensioner.... I can only find these on hack engineering website for...
  14. Suspension and Braking
    Brackets to allow use of 345mm rotors with factory calipers! Allows for conversion to ZCP/CSL size rotors at half the cost of OEM!! Bought these from ESC tunning, New $190 Sell for $115 Shipped to US.
  15. ///M3 Forum
    Hi, First off, let me say that I am not a mechanic and not particularly mechanically inclined though I am bright enough to understand what the different parts of the car do and how they function together. Mostly I am just a gal who likes to have a fun car to drive. My manual M3 has about 100,000...
  16. General E46 Forum
    I’m new on this forum but have been upgrading the interior of my e46 Compact as part of an entire overhaul. Does anyone know if the compact interior is interchangeable with the coupe or M3 models? I’ve removed grey interior and have fitted black carpets and black M3 dash, plus a new clean...
  17. Interior
    Have a driver and passenger seat from my 06' M3. They are in very good condition and could look brand new if someone cleaned them up, no rips or tears just some stretching from normal use. Selling the seats as a pair for $1200 obo I know the start price is a bit high but these seats are hard...
  18. ///M3 Forum
    Hi all, I'm considering buying a an e46 m3 SMG vert with 102k miles. The car has six previous owners. Carbon black on cinnamon with a black top. Current owner put a fair bit of work into it, all done by a reputable indie shop. Major repair/replacements include the cooling system as well as a...
  19. Interior
    Title says it all, delete if not allowed, still fairly new to posting. I don’t need the trim or the airbag retainer, already have both I just need the steering wheel itself. I also have a new wrap for it, so peeling wrap isn’t a problem. I’m really only looking to spend 100$ given I just need a...
  20. Engine & Performance
    I realize how rare this part is but doesn't hurt to ask! Dinan Part #D763-1600A looking for the complete set Used or new