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    "Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened." – Billy Graham Veteran's Day is here and for one day only, we honor the men & women of this Nation's fighting forces. We feel that one day is not enough, that is why we believe in year round...
  2. E46 330Ci post facelift bumper swap issue

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, I recently acquired M-Tech style/ZHP style front and rear bumpers for my E46 330Ci. I am currently at the installation stage, but right now, it seems that I am missing a few brackets for mounting the new bumpers on the car. I would really love it if someone could tell me what I was...
  3. M Sport Aerodynamic kit retrofit, your experience.

    General F30 Sedan/F31 Wagon/F32 Coupe/F33 Cabrio
    Hi. I'm about to purchase the conversion kit, and I'd like to hear from your own experience: - Where did you buy - Quality of the kit - Ease of installation - Shop where you got it painted - fitted - What did you do with the removed parts - Error you wish you could've prevented Thanks...
  4. E46 Sedan WTB Facelift Sedan GTR Hood, Mtech II bumpers, CSL Trunk, etc.

    Hello everyone~ I am a proud owner of a "OrientalBlau" 2005 300i Sedan (the last HOORAH of e46 sedans). I am located in Northern New Jersey. I am looking to buy the following items.. PLEASE post on this thread if you have any for sale with the condition of the item, your location, and your...
  5. Sacramento - Anyone Have a TIAG M-Tech II Front Bumper For Sale?

    Will be coming up on the 8th and staying until the 13th. Looking for an already painted, in good condition Tiag M-Tech II Front Bumper. Anyone have one for sale?
  6. Sold!!

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    SOLD 1) BRAND NEW BMW M-Tech Fog Lights /Lamp Left (PN# 63177894017) Right (PN# 63177894018) These are new and was purchased from my local BMW dealership for $120 EACH. These will fit the following E46: E46 320i Sedan E46 323Ci Coupe E46 323Ci Convertible E46 323i Touring E46...
  7. Fog lights during bumper removal?

    General E46 Forum
    So I just ordered some M-Tech bumpers for my 02 330ci. I plan on changing it myself, but my question is, what happens to the fog lights when I remove the bumper. Do they just disconnect in the back? I have new fogs that I will put on with the bumper.
  8. WTB: M-TECH II Rear Bumper moldings

    I have a the m-tech II bumpers to be installed on my 99 e46 328i and I lost part of the moldings on the rear bumper, does anyone or any vendor here have just the moldings for sale? Thanks!
  9. FS: 04 Sport bumper and other items

    Someone T-boned my car recently and since then, I switched to a Mtech 2 bumper :P so just trying to get what I can before I decide to dump them :tsk: fyi I'm just a poor college student Not really looking to ship, located in San Francisco, so if you're nearby :thumbsup: you can hit me up at...
  10. I think I might have the nicest e46 in Florida

    The Showroom
    :rofl: I meant HAD
  11. WTB: M-Tech or other "Aggressive" front Bumper

    I'm looking to replace the stock bumper on my 1999 323i (sedan) with something a little more aggressive looking. Must be willing to ship or live within 300 miles of SW MI. Obviously I'll pay any shipping costs and not really looking for perfect condition as I will most likely have it painted...
  12. Teaser Solved: New Lip for the M-tech 2 + "CSL Splitters" (Navin Content..LOL)

    The Showroom
    Teaser Solved: New Lip for the M-tech 2 + "CSL Splitters" (Navin Content..LOL) Finally got the new lip installed :woot: 1mm x 1mm CF *EDIT: Added 1 garage pic* *EDIT:MOAR Garage Pics* *EDIT: Added another garage pic* A little sneak peek at the garage which you guys like...
  13. Side by side comparison of M-tech 2 w/ and w/out lip + some other cars

    The Showroom
    What's up guys? :hi: Yesterday I got another mod, a nicer license plate ;) Then I visited Concept Motorsport today and coincidentally there's a 330i for sale, so I can take comparison pic of M-tech 2 bumpers with and without the custom lip. Bonus Pics:
  14. Will these fit????

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    OEM m-tech 18" 18x8.5et50-18x8 et47 I am putting them on a 99 E46 328i.... I ordered them they are here, and we are going to find out....
  15. 2000 323cic convertible with 2005 front end!!

    2000 323cic convertible with 2005 front end!!

  16. Done with exterior (DPE/Brembo/Airrunner/Eisenmann/M-tech2/Custom Lip/New Paint)

    The Showroom
    Okay, some of you might have seen my first thread about the custom lip for m-tech2. I thought it would be done in 2 weeks, but here we are after 2 months. :rofl: The car was originally cosmos black, then painted super deep black. On to some quick pics (it rained a little and the car was a...
  17. What bumper is this?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, I know this is a BMW part, but not sure what style it is. I can't seem to find any pics of it on here.
  18. Mtech thread!!!

    The Showroom
    Heres mine!