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  1. US market clutch kit on EU e46 325ci

    General E46 Forum
    Was wondering if a US market clutch kit (link) would fit on my European e46 325ci Model year 2000, production date december 2000
  2. Any E46 e46 LuK-03-047 New Clutch Kit

    Engine & Performance
    e46 LuK-03-047 New Clutch Kit - $160 shipped. Need sold ASAP PM me please.
  3. Luk clutch locking plate

    General E46 Forum
    Did you recently change your Luk clutch on your 2001-2003 E46? Long story short, got a good lead on a gently used Luk clutch for my car (01 325ci). Hate the lightweight flywheel the PO did. From my understanding when I change the DMF and SAC pressure plate i'll need to relock the pressure...
  4. BMW E46 Power Steering Pump LUK LF20 for rebuild/parts

    Complete Cars - Non-Private
    Currently posted on eBay. Ends Sep 28, 201009:15:10 PDT. BMW Power Steering Pump for E46 LUK Model LF20 !!!! BROKEN !!!! FOR REPAIR OR PARTS !!!!