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  1. Anyone Run the Hamann Grand Am Wing?

    ///M3 Forum
    I know this is different and edging on ricey. :evil: But has anyone ran the e36 ltw / Hamann Grand Am Wing? I have only seen one on a Fanatics car and it looked really good in my opinion I know its similar to the e36 ltw wing. Id love to run a high-rise verision, but all I can find is Hamann...
  2. FS (RI): Style 24 LTW Wheel, 8.5" width, BMW E36 M3

    Wheels and Tires
    Straight, clean Style 24 light-weight, forged wheel, 8.5" width, some curbage, no cracks, ready to go! $125 + $35 shipping OBO.
  3. Picked up a set of throwing stars for the e46...Pics

    General E46 Forum
    Like the title says, bought a set of throwing stars. :4ngie: My coilovers are on the way, but how can i get these to fit nicely? Originally bought to refinish/resell but i guess ill try them out. Going to sand and polish the lips and refinish/repaint the inner rim insert TiAg Heres some pics...
  4. LTW Motorsport EmPOWER Wheel for my ZHP

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    <del>If you haven't seen this wheel yet then check out Turner's page: I'm really excited about the weight savings and still getting a good looking wheel. These will be a 9lb savings for each wheel which should be huge...