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  1. Suspension, Brakes
    Hey, so a few months ago I installed Fortune Auto coil overs on my e46 323ci (my first time doing this, with the help of my friends). However, after riding around for a while and jacking up my car recently I noticed that there has been contact between my sway bar end links and, lower control...
  2. Suspension, Brakes
    Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. I just have a quick question about spacers on a lowered 325ci. I'm currently running stock style 44 17" et47 and I'm looking for a flush look. Rolling isn't a problem. There were a few threads about this but none of them had a concrete answer. It...
  3. E46 Showroom
    Well impressed with the quality of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 camera, previously using an iPhone6 but the Samsung is better!:bump:
  4. E46 General
    OK so I'm new to BMW's and i just bought a 2000 323Ci and the guy before me put on adjustable coilovers which lowered it and made the camber negative which isn't a big deal but the rear passenger side is noticleably cambered in more than the driver side and front. I went to a BMW deakership to...
  5. E46 Showroom
    A few pictures today of my coupe. Hope you like!
  6. E46 General
    Hey everyone! I have a 323i sedan on stock 16s. Im thinking of getting coilovers and lower it so only pics of lowered on 16s. Thanks Will post a pic of my car tomorrow
  7. E46 General
    Hi guys, kinda new here and well i own a 2005 325i sedan, and i recently bought some style 65's 17x8 et38 and i plan on putting 225/45/17's on em. I also have a set of bc racing coilovers on the way and was just wondering how low can i go before i start rubbing? I dont have any fenders rolled...
  8. E46 M3
    Hello forum! So I'm in the business to buy new tires and suspension (and brakes soon I'm sure). I also want to get some new wheels and lower the ///M a bit as well. So I just need to know if these parts will work! Suspension: Front -...
  9. Tires, Wheels
    I have a 2000 e46 Coupe and I lowered it on coil overs. Among other problems like the sway bar links touching the lower control arms (front), the tire is rubbing the spring ever so slightly, but it is enough to justify being worried. The wheels are style 54's with 205/55/16's (new wheels on...
  10. Suspension, Brakes
    I will be getting an e46 and im planning on lowering it but im not sure if id be better off getting coilovers or lowering springs. i know if i get coilovers ill most likely end up getting new springs/shocks, but if i get lowering springs wht else should i upgrade?
  11. E46 General
    So, I am pretty new to the game. I'm still 16, working my ass off and spending 95% of my money on my car. I currently need new struts. My car ('99 323i sedan) is lowered on h&r coilovers. Am I correct in assuming that I shouldn't buy the oem replacement struts? I was pointed towards this set-...
  12. Suspension, Brakes
    Sorry if there's already a thread dedicated to this issue, but I didn't see anything that directly answered the question in my search. Maybe using wrong keywords? Anyway, here goes. I've got a 2004 M3 coupe lowered on H&R springs and Koni yellow shocks/struts. I'd say that's a fairly...
  13. Tires, Wheels
    Hello, I am new in the stretching world and BMW lowering world. I am waiting to put my coils on because of figuring out the right tire size, and what spacer I will need if any. I am looking to go with a stretched tire, and will be rolling my fenders as well. I have 18 inch ASA AR1 wheels. The...
  14. E46 Showroom
  15. Suspension, Brakes
    I'm new to this whole lowering game. Someone wanna tell me how exactly to do it, is it basically just buying new shocks/springs/coilovers? A DIY link would be nice too if there is one.. I've got a auto '03 325i Premium/Sport package
  16. Tires, Wheels
    Hi guys! I've been lurking on here for quite a while now and I thought I'd best make at least one post, so here goes. Be easy on me! I've got a set of standard staggered OEM MV1's on my 325 Coupe at the moment. The MV1's are wrapped in the typical 225/40/18 and 225/35/18 Continental Sport 3's...
  17. E46 Showroom
    Hello, after sad story with my previous project, i had to buy new one daily car! Here is my new e46 330i In few months I made some modifications there are some of them: - Ap suspension - e65 series wheels, st. 95 9/10J with 215/35 and 235/35 - little modified fenders - and others... ;)...
1-18 of 22 Results