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  1. Tires, Wheels
    Hi I have a couple of questions about low profile tires. First of all are the tires on my 330ci low profile? They are Bridgestone Potenza 225 45R17 91W in the front, and in the back they are Bridgestone Potenza 245 40R17 91W. Second what exactly are low profile tires, and how do they differ from...
  2. Tires, Wheels
    Do these tires exist? I tried looking for some 225/30/18 or 235/25/18 but I can't find any. I'm running 235/40/18 but they rub when hitting dips at high speeds. Will a 245/35/18 fit 8.5 wide rim? That is the closest I found. Thanks
1-2 of 2 Results