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  1. BMW E46 220D 2004 model Turbo Power Loss

    General E46 Forum
    Hello forum members I have BMW E46 220D 2004 model and when I fast accelerate I loose Turbo and EML light goes on. If I instantly switch off and on the engine while driving, EML light goes off and turbo recovers. If I slow accelerate there is no problem. Problem is only with fast acceleration...
  2. Massive loss of power - mechanic says catalytic converters clogged

    General E46 Forum
    Hey all, Been having an issue for a month plus now. 2001 325i with 176k. I was getting lean codes and misfires and oil leaks. Valve cover gasket changed fixed the oil leak. A couple of spark plugs had oil on them and it was burning pretty bad for a while so I changed them all. Found a rip in...
  3. 2004 318dse N47 temporary loss of power

    General E46 Forum
    Everything works well in all conditions , when suddenly as I was going up a hill I lost all power, accelerator pedal fully depressed and no response. I went around again and went up the same hill , everything was fine. In the morning when I started up the engine, blue smoke blew out the exhaust...
  4. 2002 m3 49k miles. Car all of a sudden lost aprox 60% of its power. Any advice?

    ///M3 Forum
    I was driving my m3 on the freeway and I wads accelerating and all of a sudden I feel the car lose power. The gas response is lagging and I'm hearing a rumbling noise. No smoke whatsoever. Sounds like noise is coming from under the hood. Power steering pump has been leaking for a while. And the...
  5. vanos seals - 318ci (2001) No pull at lower revs?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I think i've got this in the right place but please correct me if i dont! Ive been reading up on vanos seals on the e46 - Re Loss of power when at low revs and moving off, then a sudden burst of power around 3k rpm. I am experiencing this on my 2001 318ci Coupe, (143 bhp) but most of...