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  1. California
    Hey everyone, I just bought a 2001 325ci and I’m looking for a mechanic near the Studio City area of Los Angeles. Any recommendations?
  2. California
    Hey team, so this is a thread to share your experiences with mechanics in South California and LA. That would help me as in a few days I’m hopefully buying a 2D coupe 330 or 328-325 worst case scenario to make it my driftcar. For the next months at least I’ll probably need a mechanic so I’d love...
  3. E46 General
    Anyone in the Los Angeles area. I’m doing auto to 5 speed swap on my e46 and I’m getting stuck on the pedals/wiring/coding. If anyone out there is local in SoCal and is willing to help. hit me up!! $$
  4. California
    Hey guys, It's was only a matter of time before I'd have to post this. I too have fallen victim and my subframe floor failed. :thumbdwn: so I look to you guys for help. Has anyone in the SoCal area paid to have their car repaired at a local shop? If so, which shop? How much did it run you...
  5. California
    Location: Oxnard, Ventura, and surrounding area. Looking for a good quality paint shop to put my trust in to get me car touched up and repainted in some areas. Thanks -
  6. California
    I'm thinking about starting a meet in the Burbank, CA near the Burbank Mall. Hoping this turns out to be good. It should be every Sunday. I need to see how many people are interested and would actually come... :lmao: So if you're interested, just reply below! Thank you
  7. E46 Convertible
    About a year ago I broke my convertible soft top by trying to close it with a backseat full of furniture and it caught and broke. Anyone out there have a similar experience and what did it cost to fix? Also, anyone know a good (& cheap) convertible top guy in the Los Angeles area?
  8. California
    Dynavin E46 Install - Los Angeles Looking for help on this or willing to pay someone to do it for me. I know this is easy enough and I've seen a lot of DIY online but I'd feel more comfortable with someone that has experience. I got a quote from a shop and they are asking for $400 to install...
  9. California
    Does anybody know a good mechanic in the LA westside area? I'm in Culver City now after driving my 1999 323i from NY for work. It made the trip, but isn't doing so hot. Needs an oil change at the very least, but it burned over 1qt of oil in the past 2k miles, so there's something else going on...
  10. E46 Showroom
    check out this video i took of Ken Block drifting in LA last saturday, went to see Targa Tropy right before, and then M-Fest at Oakley HQ right after this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1AcK0mZQ_c
  11. E46 General
    Hey, I'm a new member here. I drive a 2002 325ci. I am looking for a good mechanic in the Downtown Los Angeles, specifically USC area. Can anyone recommend or refer me to a good BMW mechanic in that area (preferably not too expensive because I am a college student). Thanks a lot for the help!
1-11 of 13 Results