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  1. I've been driving like this

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    Good Morning hope everyone is healthy. So my car has been very clunky and I've been lazy but I have time now and look what I found. Pictures are sideways but you'll know when you see it. Clunkyness is usually around 40- 55 mph then its not as bad. These are my tie rods
  2. Dashboard Square with Liquid Flowing WARNING ?? 2003 325xi

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everyone, so heres the deal... I just started putting some exterior mods on my e46. To be exact, it is a 2003 325xi with 105k miles. I was driving back home from school and when i got closer to home i noticed a warning sign on my dash. I decided when I park my car I was going to take a...
  3. How to get interior the interior looking new again?

    Wondered when i was in a taxi the other day and his dash was very shiny, lol. My dash looks pretty dry so what do people use to look after their interior? everything interior btw. dash, seats, etc. thx:) Andrew
  4. License gone for 6 months

    as the title says i received a lovely letter from VicRoads today telling me i got done excessively speeding in the Mullum Mullum tunnel.....i know it was stupid i dont need to be told that and i will surrender my license etc but what i dont understand is why i wasnt given the opportunity to...
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  6. BMW M5 and my Porsche

    BMW M5 and my Porsche