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  1. HELP!! 2004 E46 330ci

    General E46 Forum
    I am in need of some help with figuring out an issue with my 2004 E46 330ci :banghead:. I have had my BMW for about four years now and haven't had any issues at all with it until about three weeks ago. It started with a belt broke, easy fix..done. Then a week later.... leaking antifreeze...
  2. Anyone in Australia reparing door lock relays?

    Is there anyone in Australia preferably Victoria that can replace the door lock relays? I have the parts but would rather find a skilled solderer than risk stuffing it myself
  3. E46 door lock issues

    General E46 Forum
    hi guys I know this has been posted a million times and the posts i have read did not help my issue. My 323i's drivers door has recently completely stopped communicating with the car. I have power to all my accessories like the windows and moving the mirrors but everything else isn't working the...
  4. My convertible top only locks/unlocks

    E46 Convertible
    Hi Guys I recently started having issues on my convertible top. When I attempt to open it, It only raises an inch or so to unlock the latch and stays there. When I close, it locks the latch back without issues. But thats it. It doesnt open all the way. It doesnt give any warning light like it...
  5. Glovebox lock broken by a "thief" and it's locked now

    E46 Convertible
    Well the prospective thief was not successful, so now neither the mechanical nor electronic lock are working in my girlfriends 2004 325 CI vert. I searched on this and other sites for postings about gloveboxes and the locks. And tried to open it by putting a screw driver up to to push the latch...
  6. Key Fob light up/ no lock or unlock - Center still locks/unlocks

    General E46 Forum
    So, I walk out to my car this morning and my key fob wont unlock the doors.:ben: I use my key to get into my car and the key still starts the car. :thumbsup: I check the center lock and unlock button and it still works. I then started driving. Usually after a few seconds of driving the doors...
  7. GM5 failed and Clutch slipping after swap

    General E46 Forum
    Hello! I just recently replaced the motor and clutch on my 99 328i, and i have came into a few problems once i got it running. the 2 biggest being that my GM5 module has failed and the doors wont unlock. But the most important one im trying to figure out is the clutch. Its and F1 Racing Stage...
  8. Any E46 WTB: Wheel locks and Siren Bracket

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    :hi: As title states, I only need the bracket for the siren, I have everything else. Some wheel locks would be nice too. Let me know what you have! PayPal ready. Located in Boston, MA (02130) ... please include prices with shipping included. Thanks!
  9. Help! 04 330ci convertible lock fob problems....

    E46 Convertible
    Hi this is my first thread, this site it amazing and wanted some help, I have a 2004 330ci convertable, that I can't lock the doors using the key, I've seen a lot of people have this problem with e46's and solved it by checking fuses and checking fuel door actuator. I can't find a fuse for that...
  10. E46 Locking Gremlins

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All- I have a 2002 330XI that is presenting some locking gremlins that I could use some help with. This problem was intermittent and now seems permanent. I have 2 keys and the symptoms are the same with both keys so I don't think its a key battery issue but my knowledge in this area is...
  11. Door locking dilema

    General E46 Forum
    2000 323i, i put the key in and its feels loose, like it doesn't catch. The doors don't lock or unlock. Could it be a fuse?
  12. Locking Issue diagnosis

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I have a bit of a locking issue. The keyfob works to lock the car, pop the trunk, and will blink the lights/turn on the dome light when I click unlock but WILL NOT unlock the car. The button for the locks inside doesn't work for either. I had an idea that it was the GM5 module, but...
  13. Remote Lock/Unlock Issue [2003 M3]

    General E46 Forum
    Confusing day.. Drove my car at 10am. 4pm it won't start. All electronics work, it just doesn't turn over. Fuses checked, good. Smg relay, fuel door, hood switch and battery all good. Some guy tried to help jump me. Hit on the starter a few times. Read on Google that someone had the same...
  14. Car side driver lock broken. Locked out, help!

    General E46 Forum
    So there is damage the my key FOb and because of this I've been using my key to unlock my door manually for a couple months now. This morning I went out to my car to go to work and when I inserted my key and turned I felt no resistance. I can turn my key 90 degrees in either direction but...
  15. Another door (un)lock problem

    General E46 Forum
    I did a search first and read through other posts about door lock problems, but haven't found someone with the same problems. I don't have problems with interior lights, windshield washers, or the trunk lid. The car doesn't have an alarm or remote start. I'm the original owner so I'm familiar...
  16. Key Synced but still wont work

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, Just bought my first e46 - a 2001 330i. I love the car but the keyless entry doesnt work, I tired the re-syncing of the key fob. At the end the doors are supposed to all lock to show that the key was programmed correctly... This happened so I thought I was good! But... The buttons on...
  17. e46 refuses to unlock, it just switches on interior light?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi folks, This may be a well known issue but I can't find anyone else with it so here it goes... Essentially my 2003 e46 looks like it locks from the remote all fine - the indicators flash, the door locks go down and everything looks fine. Then when I press the unlock button on the remote the...
  18. HELP!: Door locking problems

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I own a 2000 323i sedan... today I set off to remove one of my rear door panels to check on a possible faulty window regulator... as it seems it was a goner... upon quick research I managed to find a cheap replacement off Ebay... so... and this is my REAL point... I decided to not put the...
  19. Cluster Lights, Steering Wheel Controls Not Working Intermittently

    General E46 Forum
    '03 330xi Picked it up a few weeks ago, and the problem started when I turned the car off and noticed that the cluster lights wouldn't turn off. I pulled the fuse for the cluster (43, I believe) and they went out, put the fuse back, and they stayed out. At this point, though, they don't turn on...
  20. Battery disconnected, doors locked, now what?

    General E46 Forum
    I recently obtained an E46 compact from 1998. Because I wasn't going to do anything with it for at least a few weeks, I figured it was a good idea to disconnect the battery. Admittedly I should have smelled trouble when I couldn't lock the doors without the battery hooked up, but being...