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  1. California
    I'm looking to have my VANOS serviced by a local and reputable place but I can't seem to find a place with the proper tools to do so... I just want a VANOS service, filter, O-rings and valve adjustment as a normal maintenance thing for an '04 330ci.
  2. California
    Last month we had about 100 people show up... let's double that! :woot: SoCal Hooligans I.E Regiment! Presents: Occupy Buffalo Wild Wings!!! Trying to helpout the Holligans I.E. with their upcoming meet Dec.13 @8pm. Let them know we sent you!! We'll see everyone out there! SoCal Hooligans...
  3. New England
    So I'm looking to get my windows tinted at 20% all around. I know inspection wise, it isn't legal, but the guy who does inspections will pass me, no problem. Anyone know of a good shop near Londonderry, new Hampshire, that'll tint all 5 windows, for a fair price?
1-3 of 3 Results