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  1. General E46 Forum
    I have a 2000 328ci and I have been thinking about buying a front lip, but I would rather not spend $200 to $300 dollars to have this $100 piece painted. Not to mention it's a daily so the paint will probably get chipped. I saw a forum recommending the website AutomotiveTouchup to get color...
  2. General E46 Forum
    Hey there! Now that the cars away for winter, it's now become my project and I want to start by adding a front lip. I was looking at the CSL style one, but don't really need CF, is there someone that makes a CSL style plastic LIP? Also, any other recommendations? Thanks!
  3. General E46 Forum
    Hey guys looking for an aftermarket lip to fit this particular front bumper. Any ideas where I could get my hands on one?
  4. General E46 Forum
    Alright two quick questions. First off my sunroof has been broken for some time now and I finally decided to dig into it this past weekend. The sliding clips for the actual glass piece are shot so figured it's easier to just replace the entire sunroof cassette. I have the opportunity to get a...
  5. E46 Xi Forum
    I'm looking for a front add on lip for my 330xi I'm new to the BMW I'm not sure if I would have to change the front bumper to find something that looks decent any input is appritiated.
  6. E90 Site Sponsors - Products, Sales & Group Buys
    Hey all, I recently bought these by accident a couple weeks ago, and they won't fit my car. I'll post the link to the ebay auction below for compatibility: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321391359482?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 Color is #475 Black Sapphire Metallic, and the...
  7. General E46 Forum
    Hello E46 community! This is my first post so I was wondering if anybody could possibly help me out! I have a 2004 325Ci (facelift) and I'm looking to buy a lip for my front bumper. I have the stock facelift bumber, and I was wondering if anybody knows where to find reasonably priced lips that...
  8. General E46 Forum
    Okay so that huge ARQRAY carbon lip for the Mtech II bump????? Some guy car it for sale for 80$! :excited::excited::excited: It's on his replica bump on a COUPE right... I'm buying the Mtec bump for my SEDAN I know they are different so I need to know if this lip fits !!!! That's a SUPER come...
  9. California
    Im looking to buy a Rear bumper Lip for a 4dr e46 text me at 818-641-8389 if you have one for sale thanks ! :thumbup:
  10. Wheels and Tires
    moitvated to sell. For sale. WILL SHIP. 19'' Privat wheels bbs style wheels 3 month old 19x8.5 ALL AROUND +35et These were a really nice smooth ride even mounted on an e46 zhp!! I had these for only part of the summer and a 2 months in the fall. Everything is still very new. I took them off...
  11. General E46 Forum
    Have any of you seen a replica version of the Vorsteiner GTS3 lip for the m3 bumper? Apparently it's discontinued. Does anyone make a replica version of it?
  12. General E46 Forum
    hello guys! been searching the forum but havn't found what i've been looking for so i'm creating a new thread for my question and hope that someone on this forum could help me :) I'm cruising in a lowered/slammed 323 coupe from year 2000. I've had it for about a year and now i'm thinking about...
  13. General E46 Forum
    :hi: New to my e46 (2002 330 ci prefacelift), I wanna know what front bumper I can buy without moving or replacing the fog lights it has, or if I should just buy a nice lip??? carbon fiber perhaps?? By the way I did search the forum before posting a new thread and did not get a good answer...
  14. E90 Site Sponsors - Products, Sales & Group Buys
    Want the sleek Aero look but want your car to stand out just a little more? ECS Tuning can help! In Carbon Fiber or ABS plastic the ECS Aero Style front lip will completely transform the front end of your vehicle, offering a much more aggressive, lower appearance. Carbon Fiber Durable ABS...
  15. General E46 Forum
    hello everyone... i have decided to paint my rims gold (rims are DPE s16) but just cant decide if i should leave the lip or paint the entire rim....Does anyone have any pics of a black e46 with gold rims??Any opinions?? Here are some pics of my car below I appreciate any answers/suggestions! :)
  16. General E46 Forum
    Hi fellow E46ers, I recently started doing some basic mods for my e46 323 coupe. So far I've put on some am xenon light with angel eyes, 30% tint, blacked out grill and some mechanical work as well. I'm planning to put on an AC style front lip along with a spoiler. I have a supplier for the...
  17. ///M3 Forum
    should i get the one with the one piece race splitter or the regular 2 splitters? http://www.jlevistreetwerks.com/p343/Vorsteiner-E46-M3-VCSL-Front-Bumper-(Select-Options)/product_info.html
  18. Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements
    Hello everyone! We have 5 of these front splitters in stock & ready to ship. This is a discontinued item so get them before they're all gone! Please contact me for a quote. Be sure to include your zip code! We can ship these to anywhere in the world as well! Thank you very much...
1-18 of 18 Results