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  1. E46 General
    I currently don't have a plate on the front of my car, but apparently you need one in New York. Anybody have any recommendations for retractable front license plate brackets? Can be mechanical or electronic, just something that hides the license plate for pictures, etc. Preferably don't want to...
  2. E46 M3
    Hi guys, E46 M3 owner here. I've been scrolling through the bmw pages on instagram and other social media and I've noticed the show plates on most m3's with the black background and white border. Ive done tons of searching on google trying to find it but no luck. Only thing that shows up is the...
  3. E90
    Represent! Shop Genuine BMW License Plate Frames & Namplates here! We offer the full line of Genuine Original BMW license plate frames in all styles and finishes for your Ultimate Driving Machine! Shop 'em HERE!
  4. California
    Is it required in california to have two license plates up? I want to take down my front one because its gay but I heard its a fix it ticket.. Thanks
  5. E46 General
    Just got my 330i ZHP and was initially set on getting personalized tags though now am having second thoughts. What do you guys think about personalized license plates; especially if they say ZHP..
  6. E46 General
    Just got my 330i ZHP and was initially set on getting personalized tags (I live in VA and they are very common (and cheap)); though now am having second thoughts. Should I: a)keep the generic tags I have b)get personalized tags that simply say "ZHP" c)get personalized tags that say "E46ZHP"
  7. E46 Showroom
    (((F1 Autohaüs & TrippinBimmer "EUPHORIA 6000k LED Interior & License Plate Kit!" ))) I'd thank my new sponsors F1 Autohaüs, Mike picked me up before 4ngieFest 2009. I got the Euphoria 6000k LED Interior and License Plate Kit... Kudos to them and their Service. As far as the Euphoria 6000k...
1-9 of 14 Results