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license plate light
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  1. Lighting
    Hey guys I like these bulbs, color wise. But I feel like they might be too bright for an all around halogen car, anyone else feel the same way? http://www.khoalty.com/bmw-e46-led-license-plate-lights.html Is there a way for me to introduce a resistor into the bulb and dim it a little?
  2. E46 General
    I have an 2001 330ci convertible and the back license plate lights stopped working...the error light are on which never happened and i know the bulbs work.I even bought a new trunk lid piece with new OEM bulbs instead of LEDS and still wont turn on...so even with the new piece it still doesnt...
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  4. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Ive got 2 diff sets of 18 LED plate lights : - 99-03 coupe/m3 or - 03-06 coupe/m3 I used different lights for my CSL trunk. Brand new in box $50 shipped Pic:
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    Clear Red LED Taillights (Pre-facelift Coupe Only) PLEASE ORDER HERE Clear Red LED Taillights (Pre-facelift Sedan Only) PLEASE ORDER HERE BMW E46 LED License Plate Lamp PLEASE ORDER HERE
  8. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Brand new in package with aluminum casing, nice white hue with long lasting LED's. (not cheaply constructed) $17 shipped Picture:
1-8 of 9 Results