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  1. Stitched to Perfection, my ending

    The Showroom
    I finally got the wheels, just a little 5 month delay but they are here. I love them, yay for reps and played out/poser red caps! The first photos are stitchings of many photos put together. Like my old signature but these are blended. My current sig is an unblended version of a photo below but...
  2. Linea Corse Lemans

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Just pre-ordered my FIRST set of wheels. LC Leman Reps 18x8.5(f) 18x9.5(r) I wanted the 18x10 rears but the guy at wheeldude said they would look akward? what do you guys think? I went with 18's because its more Show/Performance. I read most peoples opinions and 18's would be more practical. I...