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  1. E46 330ci light check coding

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I've recently downloaded NCS Expert and tried coding out all of the front light checks cold and warm, to remove the warning from my dash (no bulbs are actually out, I believe the low and high beams have been changed to LEDs) however the lights still remain on my dash? Any advice or help...
  2. Aftermarket E46 Sedan Rear Led Taillight - Shipping Only

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hello E46ers - I have 1 aftermarket drivers side rear taillight assembly for a 02-05 E46 sedan that I will give to anyone who needs it, just cover the shipping cost. The assembly is made by Eagle Eyes and worked when I took it out of the car. The part number is BM107-BURE4, it is red with a...
  3. Force Brake Display not working

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, I am trying to code force brake stage 2 and stage 3 when ABS kicks in. I have a 2002 BMW 330ci with LED tail lights that I properly refrofitted with a lcm on 3.6. I used the OEM harness adapters and added +LEDH in my VO when I coded them. I did this last year. However now I...
  4. Leds for m3 headlights/ angel eyes / Code

    General E46 Forum
    im looking for leds for my 2003 M3. i order these Xenon Philips 6000K D2S because i found them for a good price, but i would like leds tbh...
  5. E46 Coupe 04-06 coupe Umnitza Predator Orion v2 Angel Eyes Kit

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Brand new Umnitza Predator Orion v2 Angel Eyes for 04-06 coupes. They go for $159.99 on Umnitza's website (without shipping). $125 shipped
  6. Lighting System Update

    Lighting Forum
    I have been trying to find info on some sort of lighting upgrade solution for my e46. I have been doing some research and haven't really found anything on some of the questions I'm trying to answer. For example, The LCM seems to be very capable but is mostly locked up along with all of its...
  7. Both boot interior lights stopped working one day??

    General E46 Forum
    So I bought a 320D (e46..duh) 2001 earlier this year, my first ever BMW. The last owner had replaced the interior Halogen light with blue LED's, Nice touch with the car being white in my view. However they both stopped working about a week ago, never had an issue with them till then. I've...
  8. E46 Sedan SOLD ebay LED Angel Eyes

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    SOLD Selling a set of almost new LED angel eyes. I couldn't get them to sit perfectly centered and I don't like the look as much as I thought I would. I replaced the positive and negative terminals with bigger ones that fit around the connections. I only installed one side and didn't even drive...
  9. Depo LED tail light resistor issue

    Lighting Forum
    Hey everyone, I purchased a set of used depo led tail lights from a forum member and when I received them it was missing one of the resistor black boxes. The lights work but it gave me the bulb error light on my dash and they flicker slightly. I tried to find another one but can't locate one...
  10. | Genuine BMW E90 LCI Sedan Outer LED Tail Light Repair Set!!!

    E90 Site Sponsors - Products, Sales & Group Buys | Genuine BMW E90 LCI Sedan Outer LED Tail Light Repair Set!!! Genuine BMW E90 LCI Outer LED Tail Light Repair Set. Includes both left and right E90 LCI outer LED tail light assemblies at a great low price! Fits all E90 LCI Sedans, including M3. Shop Genuine BMW Performance...
  11. SuperFast flicker after installing LED tails & park lights to my 2003 325i

    General E46 Forum
    I have constant, all the time, super fast flickering. The car is a non-xenon standard headlight (H7) 2003 euro sedan, with auto headlights and wiper control. When I got it the reverse lights were letting the rainwater seep in, so I bought a new set of LED tails to replace all the rear lamps...
  12. H7 projectors with LEDs recommendations

    Lighting Forum
    Hi everyone, I recently installed H7 LEDs on my Bmw 318i with halogen reflectors, they are much better than halogens though i am thinking of further upgrading to projectors for their better light beam characteristics. From what i've read, the easiest option is to retrofit mini H1 projectors...
  13. H7 projectors for LEDs recommendations

    Lighting Forum
    Hello everybody, Does anyone know if there are any projectors for H7 bulbs that fit the prefacelift bmw E46 with halogen reflectors? I currently have H7 LEDs, though they are much better than stock halogens would like to further update to projectors for maximum light projection: This is...
  14. Help: RGB led halo light install

    Lighting Forum
    Hi there I have brought a set of the rgb led halo rings and will be swapping then for my cfl ones that are in my depo headlights. I have one question which is the new led halos only connect to one power source where as the cfl halos that are in the depo headlights now have 2 separate ballasts...
  15. OEM LED tail wire adapters

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Got an extra set of these bad boys, used to plug OEM LED tails into 1999-2002 models. Left and right sides included. ECS sent me an extra set, and now I just need to make the trip to the post office and shipping worth not throwing away :thumbsup: Asking $20 shipped.
  16. New acrylic style halos for e46?

    General E46 Forum
    Has anyone found the new acrylic style halos that fit the e46? I need to replace CCF halos that aren't all working anymore and would like to update the style.
  17. LED fog light recommendations?

    Lighting Forum
    So one of my 2500k bulbs died this weekend. I figured that it's time to give LEDs a shot to match my angel eyes. Looking at this pair on amazon. Anybody tried...
  18. YES you can replace individual LED bulbs in e46 tail lights!!!

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hi everyone. Like many of you, I was frustrated about the few non-functioning LED bulbs in my stock LED tail lights on my 04 325Ci. And as a bit of an electronics geek, I decided to take up the challenge before I spent hundreds on a replacement assembly. I was successful and it is easy to do...
  19. E46 Sedan Eagle Eye Led Tailights (Sedan)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hi, what I have up for sale are a nice pair of clear eagle eye led tail lights. They are in great condition with no major scratches on the housing. All LEDs work. $100 shipped. Crappy photo makes it seem like the left tail light is different. I assure you that it isn't.
  20. | Genuine BMW F3x 3 Series LCI Tail Light Set!!

    Site Sponsors News, Sales and Group Buys
    Genuine BMW F30/F31 3 Series Sedan & Touring LCI Tail Light Set. Includes inner and outer, left/right tail light assemblies (4 pieces total). *Additional/custom parts and coding may be required if retrofitting to a pre-LCI vehicle. **Retrofit at your own risk. ***Price includes Free Ground...