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lambda probe
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    Hey everyone, The other day, I noticed the Service Engine Light turn on on my '05 M3 Vert. It stayed for about a day and then went off, but I'm still a bit worried. I ran diagnostics on my own, after the light went away, (thru Carly BMW), and one of the faults is "00000C, Lambda probe 2 before...
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    Hi, I have a 2003 325i (M54) that is in need of new O2 sensors or at least that's what our shops computer is telling us. I've been looking around for O2 sensors and I cannot believe how expensive they are! There's a little luck on my side that I am the IT manager of a repair shop and have access...
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    Hello hello! I've been using information on this forum for about 5 months rebuilding a 2002 325xi but this will be my first time posting. Usually, I'm able to search around enough to find my answer but unfortunately not this time around. I hooked up my bmw computer to the old gal and I'm...
1-3 of 4 Results