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  1. E46 General
    The original owner of the 330i I bought last year put a K&N air filter on it. It needs a cleaning and oiling which makes me nervous because I've heard the oil can get on the MAF sensor and cause problems. And I've heard that not using enough oil can cause more dirt to get past it. I'm going...
  2. Engine, Driveline, Tuning
    I have found a 2002 manual BMW M3 for sale close to me for $7000 Canadian with 220000km. The car is in mint condition aside from one issue. The car stalls when put into neutral at highway speeds. The owner has not provided any other details other than a full walk around of the car idling for 5...
  3. Driveline
    I have a used authentic air intake for sale. Serial: 02-0106. The body is made of carbon kevlar and there are some damages to the rubber trim. All hardware is included (minus the bracket arm). I had no issues installing without the bracket arm. This will fit E46-320/323/325/328 (coupe/sedan). I...
  4. E46 General
    Just wanted to post a bit of information for any of you that have been having negative LTFT issues. I purchased a CAI 2 months ago shortly after buying my 2002 330ci. Since then, I have been dealing with P0172 and P0175 error codes. After weeks of trying to trace down potential causes, like MAF...
  5. E46 General
    Early this summer, I fitted a K&N cone filter directly onto my MAF tube as a replacement for the airbox altogether. It sounded awesome and ran great for a while, but then I installed an electric exhaust cutout and things fell apart. In addition to a blow ignition coil (which I swear must have...
  6. E46 M3
    I installed the K&N 57 series fuel injection performance kit, and ever since I installed it I seem to get a slight flutter when I take my foot off the gas under load. It's more noticeable at higher speeds. I bought this used and it had low miles - as far as I'm aware it's stock aside from the...
  7. Driveline
    FS:OEM Air Box 330/330ci with K&N - SOLD! Selling the Air Box out of my 330ci. Includes a drop in K&N air filter. Will fit any E46 330/330ci 01-06. SOLD!
  8. BC, AB, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
  9. E46 Sponser Specials and Sales
    Just as the title says 30% off all K&N intakes. Sale is for the next 3 days. Contact us: [email protected] 516-497-2056 call/text contact me directly also if youd like info in sig :thumbsup:
  10. Driveline
    Looking for a decent cold air, or short intake for my 330i zhp AFE, K&N, ITg, bmw, etc.. Want to start with something good but not necessarily the best. Price is the determining factor because im in school. thanks. If you have something you want to let go of please PM me or text or call...
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    :: ECS Tuning :: BMW E46 330 K&N Performance Intake|PRICE DROP|It Sucks: That's Good If you've been holding back, waiting for a price drop on K&N, you're in luck--and out of excuses. Save 22% on a performance air intake filter system for E46 330. This is a complete install kit with hi-flow...
  12. E46 General
    I'm debating getting one, but I'd like a second, third, fourth, and any other opinion before I make the purchase.
  13. Driveline
    I upgraded to K&N air intake so I no longer need this. 99 323i Stock air intake box complete assembly. 13711712409 Slightly used air filter. WIX brand. New intake hose ring. 13711720540 Suction tube. 13711438768...
  14. E46 General
    I have read many articles online about how some people think K&N air filters have a knack for killing the MAF in our cars. Some even have gone as far as to call them "Krap & Nasty". Today on youtube I stumbled across the K&N youtube channel and discovered an entire series of videos on their...
  15. Driveline
    All items still available, unless noted otherwise. Will ship at buyer's expense. 1. Gruppe M Intake -- AMAZING SOUND, especially at high revs, car takes off at 4k, used for approx 3000 miles, great condition! :woot: Price: SOLD 2. K&N Oil Filter Cleaner -- Unused, NIB. Price: $12 3...
  16. Driveline
    Used Dinan Cold Air intake... Just removed from my E46 Retail is $449 Also including K&N filter cleaner kit http://www.dinancars.com/shop/D760-0400C-High-Flow-Cold-Air-Intake.aspx#page=1 Parting out 323ci...
  17. Driveline
    Hey guys, I have for sale my K&N CAI kit. Part number is 57-1003. It is was used for about 3-4 months last summer. I stored the car for the winter and when putting it back on the road decided to go back to stock. It probably has about 5,000 miles or so on it. I would recommend cleaning the...
  18. Driveline
    I'm selling my intake from my 325i. It has been used for 3 years. Info regarding the intake can be found on their site. http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?Prod=57-1002 It is missing a hose, letter B, from the instruction manual. 175 shipped obo.
  19. Driveline
    $175 Shipped Maybe 5000 miles on the filter, its still pink and not dirty as you can see from the picture. This is very important to me as I agree no filter is lifetime, but this one is next to new. Also comes with the prefilter! Comes with all hardware needed.
  20. E46 General
    Looking to trade K&N and a little cash for stock intake. Please contact me at [email protected] or 503-310-7012 thanks Jesse
1-20 of 26 Results