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jack stands

  1. Jack & Jack Stands... How Tall?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi Guys - I've got to replace my clutch and I my old jack is about dead. So, I'm going to buy new jack and some more stands. How tall do I need to get so that I can safely drop the transmission (manual)? I'd like to be able to drop it with low profile transmission jack, so I don't drop it on...
  2. Where to find jack stands that fit BMW jack points?

    General E46 Forum
    I have an '02 E46. I am trying to get the tools I'll need to replace my lower control arm bushings, as seen here. However, the stands I have are meant for every other car, where they can just sit under the frame somewhere. Where can I find either stands with the BMW jack point square...
  3. Race Ramps Introduces Adjustable Wheel Cribs

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    Race Ramps Adjustable Wheel Cribs Provide a Safe and Lightweight Solution to Gain Unobstructed Access Underneath a Vehicle Gladstone, MI – Brute Industries, Inc., manufacturers of Race Ramps, has added Adjustable Wheel Cribs to its Wheel Cribs product line. Wheel Cribs were developed in...