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ipod integration dice aux
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  1. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Up for sale is the newest version Audiovox/DICE Silverline which is capable of IPOD/Iphone playback, Sat Radio/Internet Radio, and Aux. It has been in my car for a couple of months now and works fine. I still have all of the original packaging. Asking $100 OBO. PM or email jeremy.guiles at gmail.com
  2. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    ITEM SOLD ON 5/27/12 Hello, for sale is the OEM BMW iPod interface kit p/n 65 11 0 409 342 (the part number on the unit is 65 11 0 392 131 but was superseded by the part number listed above). This kit came out of my 2005 330CI and worked flawlessly with the car, no problems. The kit...
  3. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    My car came with an I-pod interface, and I do not use it. I would like to either sell it or trade it to install Sirius XM in my car. Are the parts in the picture all that is included in the kit when a i-pod kit is purchased new? If an additional part is supposed to be included, please let...
  4. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Hey guys, i'm upgrading my headunit and so this will be out of the car within the next two days. Loved this thing but I won't be able to use it with my new headunit, also my favorite feature was the ability to use my steering wheel control :) I'll let both of these go for 130 shipped and will...
  5. Electronics
    Ok, so I got in my car, started it, realized that I forgot to turn off the radio before turing it off last time, and before I knew it my DICE unit went "tick, tick, tick, POP" :banghead: I tried shutting the car off but no matter what I do I cannot even git the head unit to recognize the DICE...
  6. E46 General
    im sure this has been asked before but i wanted to ask the exact question and see what you guys think. so im driving a 2001 325xi sedan, im in high school now and im not allowed to get a new head unit with my subs and amp in case we sell the car in the future. i wanted to at least be able to...
1-6 of 6 Results