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  1. E46 Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I've been following this forum for a bit, but just officially joined. I have a 2005 SMG with less than 23,000 miles. Unfortunately, I'm selling it (Bring A Trailer), but I thought I'd introduce myself while I still have it.
  2. E46 Introductions
    Hello all! Excited to join the forums and start learning more about this great machine. To tell you a bit about my car, it's a 2001 BMW 330i in Steel Grey Metallic and I'm the original owner (only has 108,000 km and drives pretty well all things considered). It was actually my mom's old car...
  3. E46 Introductions
    Hello everyone. After four years behind the wheel of a cute fiat punto i decided to get my hands on a fully stock 323ci that i found in my town for a really good price (Cars are expensive here in Spain Yikes!) . I'm a student so I don't have much money for mods (but more than enough for well...
  4. E46 General
    Just some pics of my car, nothing special just a regular stock e46. I never actually made a formal introduction or anything on here so I guess Ill do it now a year later. Preface 325ci vert, oriental blue metallic. I thought it was cool that most people have a thread with "before pics" and then...
1-4 of 4 Results