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  1. 03-06 e46 M3 WANTED

    Complete Cars - Private
    Looking for East Coast E46 M3 well maintained and garaged. I am in this hunt for the long haul. I have passed on two M3's recently. My queen is out there somewhere. looking for: 03-06 e46 M3 Coupe City! Anything under 100k miles 6 speed manual - for the win! Cinnamon Interior!!! - and either -...
  2. FS: NJ | 2005 Interlagos Blue Competition Package | S/Ced

    Complete Cars - Private
    For sale is a 2005 M3 ZCP 6spd manual. I am the second owner of this car and have owned the vehicle. Competition package. Interlagos Blue with cloth manual seats. 38,500 miles on the odometer. Navigation and sunroof. Oil has been changed regularly with Castrol TWS oil. Inspection 1 has been...
  3. FS: 2005 M3 Interlagos ZCP

    Complete Cars - Private
    My buddy found this car on Craiglist in the Dc metro area. I would be interested if I hadn't already dropped some money on my car this weekend...but I figured I would help some fellow fanatics out that want this sick deal. Take a...