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  1. Electronics
    hey guys, any tips or suggestions on extra interior ambient lighting. I feel a lack of orange glow in my life and I wish I had more. any suggestions are helpful. Thanks, Liam.
  2. E46 General
    So I bought a 320D (e46..duh) 2001 earlier this year, my first ever BMW. The last owner had replaced the interior Halogen light with blue LED's, Nice touch with the car being white in my view. However they both stopped working about a week ago, never had an issue with them till then. I've...
  3. Lighting
    Hello everyone, This is my first post on these forums so if by chance I didn't do something right, just let me know so I can post correctly in the future. Anyways, I recently (somewhat) upgraded myself from a 2000 BMW 323i to a manual 2002 330ci. Back when I used to drive the 323i, I had...
  4. Lighting
    hey all, yesterday my mechanic and i swapped all my interior and trunk bulbs with leds from khoalty. the kit actually came with more leds than i needed. problem is that the front center interior light (not sure what its exactly called, but the big one in the front) seems to work periodically but...
  5. E46 Showroom
    (((F1 Autohaüs & TrippinBimmer "EUPHORIA 6000k LED Interior & License Plate Kit!" ))) I'd thank my new sponsors F1 Autohaüs, Mike picked me up before 4ngieFest 2009. I got the Euphoria 6000k LED Interior and License Plate Kit... Kudos to them and their Service. As far as the Euphoria 6000k...
1-5 of 5 Results