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  1. Mid Atlantic
    Seems like Dafoe is out of the valve adjustment game...so- Any recommendations for trusted Indy shops in the DMV area? I’m getting close to 60k and would love to find a shop that does great work on the S54 engine. Thank you!
  2. Southwest
    Hey there, I plan on replacing both my front CV Half Shafts, all of my Brake Pads, Brake Lines, Rotors and my Brake Fluid in the future sometime. I was wondering if anyone would happen to know of any shops in the area that they've been to and can verify the authenticity of. Also I wasn't too...
  3. Southwest
    New to the area and I'm in need of an honest diagnosis of my ABS system. If you've had great first hand experience with a certain shop your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, and once I get the e46 rolling I'm looking forward to the local meets here.
  4. Southwest
    Hey guys and gals, I'm having issues with my interior lights coming on and staying on even with the door registering as closed. I'm new to DFW area. Anyone know of a good indy shop where I can get some help with this issue? Preferably around Irving, but if not that's cool. Thanks
  5. E46 General
    Please can anyone share/recommend their e46 repairshops in Queens, NY? There are a huge number of them, I have see on 21st, northern, flushing/college point, although a good number of them are for taxicabs/lincolns. I urgently need a trustworthy repairshop that charges reasonable labor, has good...
  6. E46 General
    I went by my mechanic for an oil change and said that I was due for a Level II inspection. He told me $500 for everything. I did not have that on me at the time so I just went for the oil change. Any thoughts on the Price or reference to a place in South Florida....Thanks for the help guys
  7. Southeast
    Had my fuel pump die on me Wednesday, towed it to the shop and had it fixed by 1pm Thursday. Very fair price on the repair, both parts and labor. I highly recommend this shop over the other indy shop in Gainesville, which shall remain nameless. This shop is much smaller, but offers great...
  8. Great Lakes
    I am looking for a solid BMW mechanic in the west Chicago suburbs around the Naperville, Aurora area or anywhere close by. If anyone can recommend anyone or a good indy shop that would be great. I need a rear brake job done. Thanks! :thanks:
1-8 of 8 Results