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imola red
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  1. E46 M3
    Soooo here's the story! Found an abandoned E46 M3 in a parking garage. It's caked with dust and had a Canadian registration that was expired in 2018. Car is currently located in a Texas parking garage. Here are the details of what I know. 2001 E46 M3 Imola Red 6MT Custom Rims (I think it's a...
  2. E46 General
    Hi everyone first time poster long time reader. iv recently ran into a bit of trouble that i am looking for some incite on. so recently my e46 330ci has been draining the battery completely dead after sitting or driving. so after getting a new battery and pulling and testing the alternator Iv...
  3. E46 General
    Hi all – I am a new here, need some advice. I have always been a coupe guy but just could not pass up this convertible because of the condition (yep, that odometer reads 14,200 miles!). First step for me is I need some better tunes. Is the DICE the only game for ipod interface, and is it...
  4. E46 General
    I have an Imola Red ZHP sedan w/o a sunroof and I've been thinking of getting my roof wrapped in gloss black. I have 15% tint all around and black kidney grilles so I think it might look nice together. One member on here has a setup similar to mine and his black roof looks great but he also has...
  5. Tires, Wheels
    I'd like to say thanks to Charles of VMR for hooking it up! :thumbsup: Hopefully this will help some of you looking into this color combo. Gunmetal 19" V701 on imola red.
  6. chillin with my girls

    daddy chillin with his little girls
1-7 of 11 Results