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ignition problem

  1. Service life of M54 coil packs

    General E46 Forum
    Getting ready to install new plugs in my '05 325Ci. Should I be thinking about coil packs too? I bought the car 2 years ago this week, and it's been running smooth as silk until about a month ago, when I started sensing that there just might be a touch of a miss when I start it from cold. No...
  2. HELP! 323i Key Fob Issues? Or Ignition issues??

    General E46 Forum
    First off this is my first post on here! I look at posts a lot and often! But since I have got BMW. I have had this issue where the key fob was not working when I bought the car. Which got very annoying having to walk up to my car every single time and unlock it manually, and not remotely. One...
  3. Ignition coil screw broke

    General E46 Forum
    A while back when i was changing my valve cover gasket i torqued the screw for my 4th ignition coil too much and the head broke would you recommend that i get this out now that i need to change my spark plugs! i should have dealt with it then but just didn't feel like dealing...
  4. Ignition Swicht

    General E46 Forum
    hey Guys, This is my first post on this site! I drive a 2000 323CI whit 126,000km and few days ago my car just wont start... The motor was cranking but nothing started After a few try, it start so im going to my job. At the lunch, I decided to go to the garage but the car wont start again...