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  1. Electronics
    I had a flooded car a few months ago from blocked sunroof vents, which caused one of the battery terminals to corrode and lost all power to the car, I've fixed that and car has been running fine for a few months. With no more water in the battery compartment. This week Ive got in the car, the...
  2. E90
    Hi Im Derryn, I have a beautiful 2010 320d with business idrive. When I pair my phone via bluetooth to the idrive my contacts are listed under the heading contacts but it displays a bluetooth icon next to each one. When I press the voice command button the voice says phonebook empty. After...
  3. E90
    hey, i have a 2007 bmw 335i coupe with idrive. there is no sound coming out of the speakers (CD,CDChanger, Navigation Guidelines, AUX, Seatbelt warnings, etc...) sometimes the sound comes back on for 10 seconds max and then it cuts out again for a long time. also my bluetooth, and voice command...
1-3 of 3 Results