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  1. Broken Oil Filter Housing around Idler Bolt

    General E46 Forum
    I started changing the belts and pulleys on my 2003 330i (88,000 mi, 60k on the belts). The bolt for the idler pulley felt cross threaded and was very difficult to remove. For better or for worse, I muscled it off and put on the new idler. The bolt was difficult to put back as well, so i took...
  2. Chirping/Squeaking Sound after Cooling System Repair

    General E46 Forum
    First of all, I must thank those of you who have helped me as I have repaired my new wife's BMW (the wife is new, not the car ;). You have saved me LOADS of money that I don't have! I have come to a dead-end (two actually) that I have not been able to find a knock-dead answer for, though I...
  3. Do I need a new idler pulley?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey all, Just replaced my A/C and engine belts this past weekend. It was unbelievably easy. Manual FTW. (See this if you need to replace your belts.) Now, however, there seems to be a slight semi-inconsistent light rattle-like sound coming from the front end when you start it up and it's...
  4. Pulley Noise. Help me Identify. VIDEO included.

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, Need some help again. :banghead: Noticed a squealing noise coming from the front of the engine. As of now, I think its the Idler pulley, but any input from you guys would be GREAT! I am ready to order the parts and DIY before the weather gets too cold here. Just need some assurance as...
  5. 2000 323i Idler/Tensioner Pulley

    General E46 Forum
    Hey, I have come to the conclusion that i will need to replace the idler/tensioner pulleys. Please provide me with where i can buy these 2. Also if my car has mechanical or hydraulic parts please. Please provide me with the model numbers for my car and these parts. I checked RealOEM and couldnt...
  6. Pulley/tensioner problem?

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I've searched these forums but I can't find a solution to this problem. It seems like other people with a sound coming from the alternator belt area have it during start up. For my car, I have no problem when I start it in the mornings. I have problem in the afternoons after work. I can also...