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idler pulley
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  1. E46 General
    So my car’s been making a noise all the time, even when parked. Took out the tensioner pulley and idler pulley and realized it’s probably from that. Took it to the mechanic a while back for a new transmission and they gave me back this random plastic cover. Didn’t think much of it, but just...
  2. E46 General
    I need to replace the belt tensioner and idler pulley on my automatic e46. Bavauto sells a serpentine belt overhaul kit that contains both belts and tensioners, as well as the idler pulley for $150. Since it'll be a slight PITA to access the belts and pulleys, I'd like to replace all the parts...
  3. E46 General
    Car- 2003 325xi I've searched for quite some time trying to find a post with a solution I haven't tried so here goes. On WOT at 5K RPM to redline I can hear a belt slip. My guess is that it is the serpentine belt, but upon inspection the belt looks fine. Any reason that the belt could be...
  4. E46 General
    Yes, another whistle thread. Been looking through and I've heard that a whistle could either be the idler tension pulley or the air intake boot, but it doesn't exactly sound like that. I came out from work tonight and heard it start to whistle as I got in the highway. It's extremely faint -...
1-4 of 4 Results