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  1. Intro, Ramble, P0103

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    TL;DR: Car will start, but immediately shuts off. DTC code P0103 referencing MAF circuit. Car runs with MAF unplugged. What can I do? Hello everyone, I bought an 01 325i 1-year-ago from a well-to-do male in Southern California. It's my second car, first one was 94 H Accord (got rice?). I've...
  2. Broke 1 oil pan fastener - How bad to drive?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone... So, in the latest chapter of my oil pan repair fiasco, I sheared the very last fastener I was torquing in place :facepalm:. Not sure how that's possible with a torque wrench set to a whopping 10 Nm, but it happened. Anyway, for a variety of reasons, I can't wait till Tuesday to...
  3. Coolant hose popped off... How screwed am I?

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    Hi everyone... I was about a mile from home when I saw a spray of coolant come out from under the hood. The low coolant light came on but went away, so I (stupidly) decided to nurse it home. Turns out the tab from the reservoir going to the hose that leads to the water pump had broken and the...
  4. For the Anal BMW OWNERS Cheap repalcement trunk tools

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  5. dont drink and drive

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