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hydraulic unit
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  1. Engine & Performance
    Sold sold sold
  2. E46 Convertible
    My top will open but needs a small push in the front (the section that locks into the windshield) when it starts to fold it into the storage bin and then it will complete the opening sequence. On Closing the reverse its true. Once the cover opens and it starts to lift the top from the bin it...
  3. Engine & Performance
    Rebuilt SMG UNIT PART # 21532229715 Fits E46 M3 with sequential manual gearbox (SMG) Comes with 1 year warranty/ 25,000 miles which ever comes first. Please call if interested shipping to CON US. 1500.00 USD - INCLUDES SHIPPING TO CON US. Your core/no good pump is needed in return- 300.00...
1-4 of 4 Results