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  1. HPF Stage 3 questions

    Forced Induction Forum
    I have recently aquired a used HPF stage 3 E46 M3. However as we found 1 valve wasnt 100%, i have decided to pull the complete head and get it fully rebuilld. However, there are a certain questions regarding the car/kit combination, with the biggest at this moment being: What headgasket is...
  2. Wtb e46 turbo kit

    Engine & Performance
    Looking for a used kit hpf/maxpsi
  3. The LSBeast - (v3.1 - Adaption)

    Forced Induction Forum
    It wasn't too long ago when I was a wide eyed kid in a greasy t-shirt working at ProEFI trying to learn how to work on cars. I remember the second E46 M3 I ever got into was Chad Sykes lime green convertible turbo'd vert. Not a bad step up from shotgun in my dad's M3 as a kid, even if it was...
  4. HPF Stage 2 Turbo kit for sale

    Engine & Performance
    Alright guys i have an HPF stage 2 turbo kit im pulling off my car here soon. I have had the car for 3 years now and im just ready for something else. The kit has about 65k miles. But has spared no expense maintaining it. On pump gas 5/6 pounds it made 450 wheel, now its at 8/9 pounds but...
  5. HPF gave them a 5K deposit on a 2.5 stage was waiting on the new Engine Mngmt Device

    General E46 Forum
    I need to know especially since i am in Austin Tx and nor new to Bmw's but new to forums and a little new to HPF kinda wish never heard about them, Kurt was such a help and have been trying to get in touch with him if anyone known or if Kurt reads this it's Jerome he will remember me. I sent a...
  6. E46 M3 Looking to Buy - HPF E46 w/ Built Motor (Forged Internals)

    Complete Cars - Private
    The car doesn't have to be 1000rwhp, Mainly have a HPF Kit on it of some sort and forged internals for reliability. I saw one on craigslist for 35k at 702rwhp and forged internals, It got me thinking. Its alot of money but this car is absolutely stunning and worth it. Thanks again :) Private...
  7. E46 M3 New HPF Gauge Pod Cluster BMW M3

    Complete Cars - Non-Private
    a friend of mine is selling this, "New HPF Gauge Pod Cluster for BMW M3" "mickey mouse" ears
  8. UltimateKlasse | Mpact East 12'

    The Showroom
    Mpact East held its second annual BMW and Exotic Car Festival at Camden Yards sports complex in Baltimore, Maryland. With a fantastic venue and great weather the event gathered enthusiasts from across the east coast to participate in something greater than them. The event united BMW owners and...
  9. Few Shots from Leavenworth,WA drive

    Forced Induction Forum
    Able to get my car wrapped using the clear satin wrap. Came out real nice. Also put on some Fikse Profil 10's powercoated black. I bought R888 305 35 18 but they were just way TOOOO wide. Literally flared beyond the fender. The offset was 35 too. Had to use the R888 295 30 18. They worked...
  10. buying a used HPF M3

    Forced Induction Forum
    Just thought i would share my experience with buying a used HPF e46 m3 stage 2.5 Well 1st i never saw the car other than pics. Scary I got a lawyer to be the middle man I had the car shipped to HPF at my expense to be inspected. Im very happy with that decision. I received the car last...
  11. Feeler: Turbo+++ part out

    Parting Out
    HPF STG 2 -14,000 miles old-$12000 hpf turbo stg 2 blacked out intercooler HPF extras- comes with kit hpf underbrace hpf meth switch hpf oil catch can-1000 miles old-$350 Suspension-15,000 miles old-$900 ground control street/track 525/550 full coilovers WHEELS-15,000 miles old-need stocker...
  12. >>HPF M3 (STAGEII/MANUAL/02black330ci/r0csfinest)

    The Showroom
    DHMG Met up some friends for a quick morning ride/shoot. This whole weekend has been about great driving, defintely one to go into the history books. Enjoy everyone.
  13. HPF M3 Complete Carbon Fiber Interior Project

    The Showroom
    I just completed a complete interior wrap for a e46 MPF M3 (first in Canada when it was done!). This particular blue M3 is well known in the Canadian show circuit and is a regular winner of shows it's entered in.... Wrap included the standard 8 interior trim, seat surrounds, rear deck, centre...
  14. Wtb e46 m3 coupe manual

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hey everyone im looking to but an E46 m3 coupe not convertible and way in hell smg. Ive looked all over the internet and this site has some of the best deals and people so most likely looking to buy from here. I originally want a HPF stage 1 or ESS stage 1 or Active stage 1 m3 but...
  15. 2003.5 HPF Stage 2.5 M3

    Complete Cars - Private
    Selling the baby... 2003.5 HPF Stage 2.5 BMW E46 ///M3 34,XXX miles, beautiful condition. $49,000 503-333-3735 Specs: - Alpine White. - Gray Nappa Leather. - Homelink Garage door opener. - Moonroof. - Harman Kardon Premium Sound. - Shadowline trim. - Xenon Headlights. Mods: - HPF Stage 2.5...
  16. FS: 1989 BMW 325i M50 Swapped Street Legal Track Car (SoCal)

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hey guys this is my e30 325i with a m50b25 swap. This car has been very good to me, starts up every time and always puts a smile on my face. It still has the factory original paint, red, along with a custom green interior. I tore the entire interior apart and painted it green. Took me about a...
  17. Carbon Wrapping Project: e46 HPF AA M3 Engine Parts

    The Showroom
    Hey; Just started a new project; an AA Supercharged e46 HPF M3!! Doing many of the engine pieces; including intake manifold!!. Just started, so only a couple wrapped so far, but I've cut the cloth and prepped the remaining pieces. So after the Superbowl tonight I might wrap another couple...
  18. *** ///M3_N_DaWerks photoshoot by Hansen Do ***

    The Showroom
    Its been a while since I have posted here. I havent added much to the car but this was a shoot from 4 months ago.
  19. MTran850's HPF Stage 4 M3 vs 5.4/DOHC/SX80 Turbo 99 Mustang GT & more

    Video & Internet Clips
  20. New Engine Build... Waiting for R-Hand HPF Kit

    Forced Induction Forum
    Hiya All I sold my AA kit and decided to start preparing the car for the Right Hand Drive versions of the HPF kits which will hopefully be ready later this year. After selling the charger there were a number of "niggles" that needed sorting out and as mentioned I have been hunting for a shop...