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  1. Any E46 FS:Rearview Autodim Mirror, Homelink, and Compass

    I have 3 rearview mirrors for sale that fit E46's and more. 1. Homelink, compass, auto dimming SOLD 2. Homelink, auto dimming, low profile red nose $70 3. Homelink, auto dimming, low profile red nose $70 Prices include shipping, Anaheim CA...
  2. E46 Sedan Wtb bmw homelink

    hey guys as the title say im looking to buy for a BMW homelink or gate opener in good working condition, im located in houston TX, prefer locals but will pay for shipping, thanks
  3. Any E46 Homelink / Shift Knob / Flashlight / Hood Alarm Switch / Mirror Switch

    For sale: - Homelink - $55 shipped - Homelink (worn off "1" button) - $45 shipped - Mirror switch - $16 shipped - Flashlight - $14 shipped - Hood alarm switches - $13 shipped - 6 Speed Manual Shift Knob (Good condition, normal wear) - $25 shipped
  4. Any E46 FS: Homelink Garage Door Openers

    Hey Guys, I have a few used Homelinks for sale. For anyone who doesn't know, these are the OEM garage door openers. It's a simple retrofit into any e46 as they're prewired for the unit. I have two kinds available, I have a rolling codes unit and a fixed code unit. You have to check the...
  5. Using HomeLink While The Car Is Off?

    General E46 Forum
    So I just installed my UGOD HomeLink in my visor panel, but was wondering if there is any DIY or any way to have the HomeLink work while the car is off? I want to be able to turn my car off before I close the garage! :cry: Thanks!
  6. Homelink Connector

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I posted earlier on here that the previous owner of my M3 for some reason cut off the connector for the homelink. I was thinking about fixing this. Anyone know where to get that white connector? Right now I just have all three wires taped off cause I put a new fuse in so all wires are live. I...
  7. WTB: Homelink for non-sunroof E46 M3 Coupe

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Looking for the Homelink (Universal Transmitter) module for E46 M3 Coupe without sunroof. Please let me know price shipped with USPS to Canada, postal code B3J 3X7. Thanks!
  8. WTS/WTT: Homelink UGDO and Multi-Funct Switch

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Looking to trade or sell Homelink UGDO ]working[ $40.00 and Multi-Function Steering wheel control Cruise Control ]working[ $25.00 add $5.00 for USPS shipping
  9. Rear view mirror with homelink - Euro version

    It is the european version of the Homelink mirror. Unlike the US version seen on eBay it works with European garage openers frequencies (434Mhz). Perfect condition except some small marks on the top. Part no. is 51167153451 Price incl. shipping is $300
  10. WTB: Homelink / Garage Door Opener

    Looking for the Homelink / Garage Door Opener (with or without panel) for 2001 330ci (gray roof panels). Would also be interested in other interior parts (specifically the panels as theyre starting to fall apart). PM me...or if you can, just email me at [email protected] (its easier)...
  11. Homelink for those w/o Sunroof???

    General E46 Forum
    I don't have a sunroof, so I don't have the headliner piece that has the sunroof switch or a spot for the Homelink. Instead I have just a plastic grille for the mic for the handsfree-calling system (picture attached). I found this on ECS Tuning, and I clearly do not understand how this would...
  12. FS/FT BMW Home Link (pics inside)

    i have a home link i removed off a 01 7-seris BMW at the junk yard , but i thought it would fit my E46 sedan but when i go to plug it in the plug was different, i know i might be able to cut my plug and use the plug that the HL came with but i really don't want to cut my plug, so i rather get...
  13. WTB- E46 Homelink.

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hey I am looking to buy a homelink garage door opener for my 2003 E46. I am looking for the newer one that supports rolling codes and is backlit. Thanks!:craig:
  14. Anyone hardwired a radar detector in a convertible?

    General E46 Forum
    I want to h/w my BEL r/d using the HOMELINK wires hidden behind the "dome" light. Problem is, I don't know which wires/spot to use for pwr & grd. Has anyone done this?
  15. DIY BMW Homelink for Non-Sunroof E46

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I was searching around the forums and found many write ups on how to install the homelink in under 10 easy steps. After looking at them all, they all had something in common. They had the sunroof panel, were a razor blade cut will do. After no luck in finding one for non-sunroof I came up with...