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hk upgrade

  1. Three Amps / audio upgrade

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    am planning out my audio upgrade to my sedan with HK -- question regarding amps.. am planning on running three amps: -1x 1200w 2 ch amp to power two 10" subs (rms 300 watts per sub) -1x 2 ch amp to power front component speakers (rms ~100 watts per channel) -1x stock tiny HK amp to power rear...
  2. Anyone using ARC KS 125.2 Mini?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    What's the word - has anyone tried the 2- or 4-channel version of this to power aftermarket rear 6x9s or two-ways? I replaced the HK-factory 6x9 "woofers" today and replaced them with Infinity 9622i pair. Bass is much stronger but its a little under-powered vis a vis the fronts and of course...