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high mileage

  1. High mileage E46 maintenance

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    Hi All, I have a 2004 year 320D touring in the UK and its now just gone over 200,000 miles. I bought it as second owner at 35,000 miles. My question goes like this:- The car runs well still, over its lifetime its had work done on it which I'll detail below but generally I don't see why it can't...
  2. Cool little achievement

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    Don't mind the dust haha:thanks:
  3. New Car.. got some Q's

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    Three weeks ago I lost the 2000 323i in a four-car pile-up. Managed to snag a '03 330i for $6,700 up in Chicago that's in great cosmetic shape, has some nice features that outdo my last car (gray versus orient blue, OEM bi-xenon, lumbar, fold down rear seats, bigger engine... ) but after 172k...