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high idle

  1. High idle problem after head gasket!

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    Hey guys. So I bought a 2000 BMW 318ci with the M43B19 (M43TU) engine. It's the 1.9 single cam engine. I got the car really really cheap and I was going to part it out but it really is too nice. I bought new gaskets, oil, plugs and all that and did a head gasket job. The car now runs. All dash...
  2. 01 330Ci E46 with High Idle

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  3. Need advice please

    New England
    I don't usually post a lot, but I am having an issue and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what could be causing this. Recently my car started idling high (around 950) whenever I turn the air on. I did some testing and noticed that the following happens: When I turn the heat on my car...