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  1. E46 General
    headlight issue with my 2002 325i sedan headlights work on low beam, but will not work on long term high beam, high beams come on when you flick(hold) switch back for flash, but will not come on when you press it forward as they should. when the stick is pressed forward the indicator light...
  2. Lighting
    hello all, i hope this isnt a repeat but i searched around and no one has an answer to this very specific question. so i recently purchased the umnitza depo bi-xenon headlights with angel eyes and they look amazing! (well, they both will once umnitza sends me a replacement ballast... one...
  3. Lighting
    Hello everyone! I'm new here and also, a new owner of a 2002 325i! Basically car of my dreams come true! Anyways... Just wanted to see what others might say about upgrading the DRL/High beam light bulb itself. I know that on my car, during the day, my light closest to the grill is on, and is...
1-3 of 3 Results