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  1. Lighting Forum
    I have absolutely no idea which headlights to get, mainly because a local custom stereo and light shop/remote starters (the only custom shop around) told me that depo was a good brand. I knew that depo was a bad brand from looking into getting led tail lights and I did see it in the past on...
  2. Lighting Forum
    So I Have a 325 xi and I'm debating whether I should just install some HID's on my stock headlights or save up for a bit to get some angel eyes. I wanted to ask your opinions on the matter!
  3. Site Sponsor Specials and Sales
    Hi Forum members, My name is Tim, I am the sales manager for Umnitza. First of all i want to welcome all of you to the BMW world. We specialize in BMW parts and accessories, we have everything from headlamps,orion v2 angel eyes, led side marker,interior,front corners,license plate and many...
  4. Lighting Forum
    So I wanted to go from 6000k to 8000k. I got a cheap kit online. I have installed 9006 HIDs on 2 cars in the past so I thought these would be a breeze. I was wrong. I ended up taking out the 2 lamps and taking them to pieces. I disconnected the stock xenon ballasts and found a way to use...
  5. General E46 Forum
    I have HID's for both the headlights and fog lights. Both are 8000k (I'm sure that doesn't matter). I put in the fog lights a few weeks prior to the headlights. I never had any problems turning on the fogs. But after I put the HID's in the headlights, I have some sort of electrical problem...
  6. General E46 Forum
    so i purchased 10000k HIDs for my headlight now i want to purchase them for my fog lights. Does the fog lights come stock with the HID ballast alredy installed or will i have to also buy the ballast and the bulbs??
1-6 of 6 Results