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  1. Umnitza Predetor Orion V2 and HID VS Xenons?

    Lighting Forum
    Hi Guyz, I have just ordered Umnitza's Predator Orion V2 (6000k) and I am in dilemma whether to get HID conversion or just buy the xenon bulbs for my headlights? - HID conversion will cost me about £250 ($400), for just the lows - (No fogs and high beams included) - Xenon bulbs will cost me...
  2. Hid Kit 55w lows/35W fogs? Suggestions 6k/8k

    Lighting Forum
    I was planning to replace my headlights and fogs with hid kits. Was looking for recommendations. I searched and read several threads suggesting trs or ddm. I was a little iffy on those kits though. Any other recommendations, really looking into umnitza and notto. Also was curious to if its ok to...
  3. '01 325ci - HID bulbs adjust UP and DOWN automatically?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello All, Recently when I pulled my car ('01 325ci) in the garage, I was kind of intrigued by the fact that when I turned my headlights on, and by looking at the beams on the wall in front of me, they would adjust up a second after being turned on -- more toward straight ahead than slightly...