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  1. headlight help

    Lighting Forum
    some recent updates are that I'm having trouble with my driver side ballast, and sometimes when I turn my car on the HID doesn't come on. Sometimes I have to start the car 2-3 times before it pops on. Replaced alternator, battery, bulbs, and ballast. (also replaced ballast looked fried so I...
  2. Umnitza Predetor Orion V2 and HID VS Xenons?

    Lighting Forum
    Hi Guyz, I have just ordered Umnitza's Predator Orion V2 (6000k) and I am in dilemma whether to get HID conversion or just buy the xenon bulbs for my headlights? - HID conversion will cost me about £250 ($400), for just the lows - (No fogs and high beams included) - Xenon bulbs will cost me...
  3. Hid Kit 55w lows/35W fogs? Suggestions 6k/8k

    Lighting Forum
    I was planning to replace my headlights and fogs with hid kits. Was looking for recommendations. I searched and read several threads suggesting trs or ddm. I was a little iffy on those kits though. Any other recommendations, really looking into umnitza and notto. Also was curious to if its ok to...
  4. HID conversion kit questions

    Lighting Forum
    Hello, Im trying to get a hid conversion kit for my girlfriends 2008 Nissan Altima coupe because she has the halogen headlights currently and their surprisingly dim plus its all i could think of for christmas that wasn't a waste of money haha. I've seen kits for $35 on ebay and $79 online and...
  5. HID conversion Lighting Problem - help!

    General E46 Forum
    So i recently purchased the "HID xenon bulb set" which claims to be "plug and play". Well it came with a crazy wiring harness which I cannot figure out how to piece into the current one. Of course there are no directions and EAS is slow to respond. Has anyone else done this? Do I need a...
  6. new pics umnitza orion v2 and 6000k hid conversion fog lights

    The Showroom
    I just wanted to post some new pics of the umnitza orion v2 led angel eyes on my 2002 325 ci ...The company comes with my highest regards , great communication , fast shipping and very knowledgeable staff....absolutely stunning pieces, the pics do NOT do it justice:bow: