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  1. E46 General
    Getting outside temperature air through all heater vents. Opened and inspected heater water valve, it looks/feels like new. Back-flushed heater core. It flows, but not as freely as I would expect. I know the heater water valve is normally-open. Unplugging the heater water valve gets me warm...
  2. E46 General
    Hello fellas, I've recently got myself an E46 (I've always wanted one) after owning an E34, E36 and E39. The car is great and so far I love it. Now on to the problem: the heating disappears after driving the car for some time. The car warms up fine, the arrow stands at 90 degrees and there are...
  3. DIY Guides
    Hi, I have a 04 E46 m-sport Compact with a strange interior lighting issue. I have searched all over the net and come to find nothing. A couple of days ago I noticed a selection of my cars interior lights have stopped working. The lights which are affected are: -heater control unit...
1-3 of 3 Results