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heat controls

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    Have a HVAC problem with my 2005 E46. Dash, floor, or defrost vents were always blowing heat in the last 3-4 months (during summer or winter), unless A/C turned on. With A/C turned on, and face-level vents selected in Summer, I can get A/C cold air from vents. With A/C off, vents blow HOT...
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    Hi all. New to site, and was hoping to get a little help. My E46 heaters have a mind of their own & at the moment the heaters will NOT give hot air but will blow cold air even if its set to 32c and 3-dot red. The heaters will simply not warm up if left in idle at optimum temperature. They'll...
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    I have a e46 323i and the problem I have ran into is that my ac control unit is not functioning. I have no control over my ac/heat all the buttons light up except for the small orange led screen. I can not adjust the ac/heat or defrost. For whatever reason it blows hot air at all time now which...
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    i have a 2004 325ci and i want to install a aftermarket navi but to do so i need to remount the heat controls to the underneath compartment, ive seen it done before. Does anyone know if there is a bracking kit made to do this, if not will it just fit in and not move? please help, thanks