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headlight housing

  1. Headlight Gaskets/seals necessary?

    Lighting Forum
    i'm replacing the headlight lenses on my 2003 m3 but I don't have the gaskets/seals and the plastic trim that goes on top. i literally only have the headlight housing and the lens. I just wanted to know if these two are necessary and if i need anything else. seal plastic trim and if you guys...
  2. E46 Headlight TOP Tab, Repairable or not..

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, so i'm here trying to find an answer to my question. I have done countless searches on this particular topic and have yet to find an answer. Well I found some answers but they led me to think otherwise.. Situation : Car got into a minor fender bender [ during the wonderful winter we...
  3. E46 M3 Broken Corner mounting bracket

    Lighting Forum
    Hi everyone, I have a 2002 M3 with xenons and screw-type corner light mounting bracket. several years ago someone backed into my fender and broke off my corner light. the body shop epoxied a bracket onto my headlight to hold the corner light but now I am thinking of fixing it properly. I just...
  4. E46 Coupe 2001 330CI halogen headlight assembly

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I've got a halogen headlight assembly up for grabs. I'm asking $50, plus shipping if I'm sending it out. Negotiable, since I don't really need these anymore.
  5. HID turned purple

    Lighting Forum
    I have an 04 325ci with the hid headlights lastnight i got into my car started it up and my passenger side headlight was a purple/pinkish color. I'm guessing this means its about to die, but i wanted to go brigher does anyone know what the ballast can actually handle as far as brightness of the...
  6. Headlight / Angel Eyes BIG question. Please help.

    Lighting Forum
    I am in need of some good advice on Headlights / Angel Eyes after a ton of research that I have done so far. My ride is a 2005 BMW 325ci convertible and here is my long, detailed question that someone can tackle:) I've read a ton of articles on headlights, corner lights, angel eyes, black or...
  7. How to remove a E46 headlight cover

    Video & Internet Clips
    *Tools needed* A Flat-head screw driver Image aided instructions 1= after removing your blinkers/indicators, pry out the top rubber headlight shield, you can undo the top 3 clips with your fingers and possibly the other 2 sitting next to the grill otherwise you a flathead screw driver. 2= pry...
  8. Headlight Overhaul...back to OEM help

    Lighting Forum
    I recently purchased an 04 325Xi sedan in fair shape and runs well. However upon further inspection (too late to do anything about) I found out the Xenons are not OEM (sorry little chance for research prior). The headlight units appear to be DEPO (DEPO logo on lense) and what I would consider...
  9. LEDs in Headlight Housing

    Lighting Forum
    I have searched the forum, and I can't find anyone who has done this mod yet. Here is what I plan on doing: 1. Remove headlights on my facelift 2005 330ci ZHP 2. Install angel eyes 3. Install hidden blue / red LEDs into the housing 4. Install wig-wag to allow the HOUSING to light up red/blue 5...