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  1. DIY Guides
    I'm installing new headers and I just want an opinion on what to do next. The bolts that mount the headers directly to the engine block all came out nut & bolt except for the very last one. The last one, only the nut came off and the bolt stayed in the engine block. The bolt is preventing me...
  2. E46 XI
    yesterday I bought a set of Ebay headers for my 325xi touring. I still need to get new studs and ceramic spray. Ive done A TON of research on header installs but I havent found much on installing headers on an XI car. The xi's have extra bracing and other "junk" up front for the front wheel...
  3. E46 General
    Making this thread to pass along some information for anyone who wants to change their exhaust or runs into the kind of problems I did. I did some work on a car that came from the East Coast, so with the weather and salted roads the nuts that hold the exhaust to the headers were crazy seized...
1-3 of 3 Results